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Monday, 13 August 2018


It was a bright, sunny Saturday in the village of Amantu. Obi turned one last time on his bed; fully awake but fantasizing how his day would be like. Jumping from his bed with an urgency that seemed like he was late for an exam, he quickly took a shower, dressed up and went outside the house.
He saw his mum gathering firewood for breakfast.
“Good morning mama”, Obinna greeted.
“Morning, my son, have you woken up?” She asked
“Yes mama, where is papa?” Obi inquired
“Oh, he went to get some tubers of yam for breakfast; he’ll be back soon”, replied his mother.
Obi sighed and picked up his bag as he walked away from the house.
“Obinna, aren’t you waiting for breakfast?”
His mom asked.
“No mama, I’m already late; I’ll eat when I’m back”, Obi shouted over his shoulder without looking back.
Obinna could feel his heart racing rapidly as he walked along the bush path towards Chika’s house.

Chika was brushing his teeth outside the house while Ada was busy sweeping the surroundings of the house.
“Don’t tell me that you are not ready for today”, Obi yelled.
“I just took my bath but still waiting for Ada to get ready. Mama is going to kill her if she leaves the house without sweeping the house”. Chika answered.
Turning to Ada, Obi said, “Be quick or we are going to leave you behind Ada”.
“Have you heard from Ifeanyi and the rest?” Chika asked as he rinsed his mouth.
“Ifeanyi said he would meet us at Sule’s place while Nkechi said she would be coming with Anayo”, Obi answered.
Ada dropped the broom and invited Obi inside the house to greet their parents.


Chika’s father, Papa Ikemefuna was sitting down staring at Chika’s report card as if he hadn’t seen it before. His mum was busy sewing cloth with needle and thread.


“Good morning papa”, Obi greeted
Looking up, “Good morning my boy, how are you?” Papa Ikemefuna replied smiling.
“I’m fine papa”, Obi Answered.
Turning to Mama Ikemefuna, “Good morning mama”, he greeted.
“Obinna my son, how are your parents?” she asked.
“They are fine mama”, he answered.
“Are you guys going already?” Papa Ikemefuna asked Obi.
Chika answered happily, “Yes papa”.
Angrily, “Who asked you? With that your big for nothing head”, Papa Ikemefuna yelled
“Assuming you can take your book as serious as hunting, you will succeed,” he continued.
“We are going already papa”, Obi cuts in.
“Okay my son”, He said facing Obi. “You guys should have fun but don’t forget not to go too deep into the forest”.
“Yes papa”, Obi replied as he headed for the door.
Ada came out of the room with a sack bag while Chika followed her with his face covered with his palm. The children went out of the house full of expectations.

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