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Sunday, 26 August 2018


Oh my god no…… what am I doing in Tim’s bed???
Oh my god I really hope we didn’t……. oh no…….


It's been two weeks since Tim’s party and 1 month and two weeks since my last period! I really, really hope it's not what I think it is!


Okay I’m being completely silly, there’s no way that this is happening I mean I’m only 16, no way this is real…. Okay I’ll just buy the test……see what happens


POSITIVE?! THIS MUST BE A MISTAKE! NO NO NO!!! I’m only 16 for God’s sake!!! My whole life is over! I can't graduate school, go to uni, be a normal teenager! Oh no……..what do I tell my parents???


So you see mum and dad…….


Mum and dad have completely gone crazy. They don’t want anything to do with the daughter of “the Devil”. And now Tim won't even talk to me…… I have to support from my family, friends Tim……what am I going to do?

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