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Friday, 10 August 2018

My Boyfriend Raped Me – Episode 4 Finale

Forgiveness has been a lot of hard work. I’ve had to tackle some tough questions.
Like many children who become a Christian at an early age, I believed in God because my family did. But I didn’t know God intimately.
For the first time in my entire life, the rape left me feeling abandoned by God.
I wondered how he could let something so awful happen to me—his little girl.
I didn’t understand that bad things can happen to good people.
I may never know why this happened to me on this side of eternity. But even though I don’t have all the answers, I’ve learned that God will never leave me—and that he can take a broken heart and mend it back together again.
Name has been changed.
Me Ra Koh is now married and recently gave birth to her first child.
She is the author of Beauty Restored:- Finding Life and Hope After Date Rape(Regal).
You can find her book at your local bookstore or online at amazon . com
Date Rape:- The Warning Signs
Although there is no completely accurate description of a typical date/acquaintance rapist, experts have identified several warning signs to help you recognize potential danger before it happens.
Girls should beware of a guy who:-
• Acts immaturely; shows little empathy or feeling for others.
• Displays anger or aggression, either physically or verbally. The anger may not be directed at you but may come out during conversations. He may make negative comments about women. He might use vulgarity, show rudeness toward others, and the like. He might also think of women as adversaries.
• Behaves in a macho manner and brags about his strength.
• Has a short temper.
• Shows physical aggression, through slapping, grabbing, twisting arms, and so on.
• Acts excessively jealous and/or possessive. Be especially suspicious of this behavior if you’ve only recently met him or are on a first or second date.
• Ignores your wishes. Attempts to make you feel guilty or accuses you of being uptight.
• Becomes hostile and/or increasingly more aggressive when you say no.
• Tries to separate you from your friends and family by convincing you to spend more time with him and less with them.
• Insists on being alone with you on a first date.
• Demands your attention or compliance at inappropriate times, such as during class, or interrupting one of your conversations with someone else.
• Asks personal questions and wants to know more about you than you want to tell him.
• Believes that all males and females fit traditional stereotypes.
If you are with a person who exhibits any of the above behaviors, be very cautious and take your time getting to know him.
Be a good listener, paying careful attention to remarks that may be warning signals.
Many acquaintance and date rapists plan to rape and then set out to find the victim. They often test a potential victim.
For example, a rapist may try placing a hand on a potential victim’s thigh. If she does not react, even if she obviously feels uncomfortable, the rapist may identify her as easy prey.
A date rapist may also try to get a potential victim to trust him and then invent some reason for her to come to his house or apartment.
The date rapist is usually very manipulative and tries to con an unsuspecting victim.
Many date rapists are repeat offenders and are skilled at identifying weaknesses in potential victims.
The rapist is looking for a woman he can control, because his primary motivation is power rather than sex.
Some date rapists exhibit a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality. They may appear to be great guys. But when under stress or when they find a vulnerable victim, their personalities change.
What to Do If You Are Raped
• Tell someone—a parent, a friend
You need support, and you don’t need to be alone.
• Do not shower or clean yourself
As soon as possible, go to a hospital or clinic. They’ll be able to treat you if you have injuries. They’ll also help you preserve evidence in case you press charges.
• Call the nearest police or a rape crisis center
You can call the national Rape Crisis helpline (run by organisation Rape Crisis South London) on 0808 802 9999 between 12 noon – 2.30pm and between 7 – 9.30pm any day of the year for confidential support and/or information about your nearest services.



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