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Friday, 10 August 2018


“Remember, tests are 70% of your grade. They’re not too hard, just try to stay conscious in class.” Ms. Hart said as everyone looked over the syllabus. I yawned loudly and stretched, hitting Cynthia in the face.
She narrowed her eyes. “Bitch.” Cynthia whispered.
I grinned, earning the attention of Hart at the front of the class. “Chris, that is not your assigned seat.”
I shrugged, dismissing the snotty, uptight (yet hot) English teacher. “Ask me if I give a shit.”
The class went dead silent for two long, painful minutes.
Even Cynthia was at a loss for words, staring at me underneath her blonde rings.
“Never speak like that in my class.” Ms Hart finally whispered.
I was stupid, but not completely stupid. “Uh….. sorry.” I finally mustered.
The bell rang, causing instant fear to boil in my stomach. “Your homework is to write a creative page about myself. It’s due on Friday.”
I trembled with an odd sense of fear, which baffled me. Teachers never scared me. Not even the hot ones. And yet, here I was.
One by one, my class filed out, with Cynthia the last to leave as I sat in my desk. She gave me an evil smirk that made me want to roll my eyes.
Ms Hart stood as closed the door once everyone left, and I heard the automatic lock click. “Chris, your behavior isn’t acceptable. Not in my class anyway.”
Her angelic voice made me want to throw up. “Sorry. Can I leave now?”
“Absolutely not, she smiled. “Your punishment is to help me print out and write schedules.”
I groaned exaggeratedly. “That’s so fucking dumb.”
Ms Hart shrugged, going over to her desktop at her table.
“You're not going to, like, yell at me for saying a dirty sinful word?” I teased, following ms Hart as we walked, admiring her breathtaking figure.
Ms Hart snorted. “Are you kidding me? I swear sometimes myself, Chris. Just don’t do it in class. I’ll get in trouble.” She smirked at me behind her reading glasses.
I laughed. “Okay. Yeah, I wouldn’t want the principal coming after me. Not more than he already does, anyway,” I paused. “Call me Chris.”
“You told me you go by Chris in class,” ms Hart sat at her desk, me behind her shoulder. “I just like calling you Chrislotto. It's a beautiful, Victorian era name.”
I nearly blushed. No one said anything about me was beautiful, ever. “Alright then.”
I will call you Chris if you call me Monica,” ms Hart smiled at me “Deal?”
So Monica’s her first name. “Even during class?”
She laughed quietly. “Well, no. with students I’m close to, outside of class, I prefer them to use my first name. ‘Miss Hart’ sounds too old for my liking.”
I gasped. “I thought you hated me!”
Monica laughed fully now. “I hate you to a certain degree. You're interesting. Interesting people are hard to find anymore.”
I held my hand out for a first bump. “True shit. That’s like, my mantra.”
Monica turned to face me, smiling sexily, her arctic eyes glinted with mischief. And that’s when I did the dumbest thing I’d ever done up to that point.
I pressed my body against hers forcefully, and though she tensed, I didn’t slow. I pulled her hips towards me, so close I could feel her body everywhere, sending hot tingles throughout my being. Monica’s eyes were shut, her teeth biting her lip, and that’s when the tension broke….

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