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Friday, 10 August 2018


I trucked the pack of cigarettes in my short pockets, anxious to get to the garden and smoke. I wished Musa, my routine smoking buddy, was there with me. But he was too good to skip out on Mathematics.
I pushed open door tour schools abandoned garden, overgrown with weeds and wild flowers. It was the best place to smoke, and every edgy kid like myself knew that.
I grabbed my lighter and lit the cigarette, feeling myself relax under the nicotine. I was alone with my thoughts, and though I was smoking, underlying anxiety was still embedded in me.
What was I going to after high school? What college what I go to with no money or scholarship or good grades?
My only looming solution was to stand on the train tracks after graduation day and wait patiently.
“Chris! I heard a familiar voice call out, their blonde curls peeking through the door. “I knew you’d be here.”
I smirked and took a hit off the cigarette. “You know me so well.”
Cynthia stomped over to me, scaring off birds in the process. “You know smoking causes cancer, right?”
I smiled and blew smoke in her perfect face. “I’m more than aware.”
My friend rolled her eyes and coughed lightly. “Stop being edgy and get to third period.”
“But third period is gay.” I groaned.
Cynthia took my cigarette out of my grip and smashed it on the brick ground. “Third period is study hall, Chris. It's not that bad.”
I learned forward, pouting. “Let’s just stay out here until fourth starts. We have English together, after all.”
Cynthia narrowed her forest colored eyes for a long moment, then finally sighed and nodded. “God…… fine. My third period teacher will think I’m taking a huge shit, though. I told him I needed to go to the bathroom.”
I couldn’t resist a laugh as I held her face and kissed her. “Thanks, Cy…”
“Bleh!” Cynthia giggled and wiped her lips. “Now I have lesbian germs.”
I winked. “You know that if you were even slightly bi, we’d be dating.”
Cynthia nodded. “Yeah, I know. Hey, does musa like me?”
I dreaded this question for weeks. It was about time Cynthia suspected something. “Honestly, yeah, he told me at the end of junior year. He’s basically in love with you.”
Cynthia face went blank. “Really?”
I nodded. “Really really.”
After a few more seconds, Cynthia winced. “Ehh……”
I smirked playfully. “You don’t like him?”
“It’s just….. we’re all best friends, and I can't see him in a romantic viewpoint. Looks wise he’s fine, every girl here wants to drink him up, but….. I don’t know. There’s something missing.”
I burst out laughing. “Drink him up?”
Cynthia smiled wide. “It's a saying.”
I turned serious. “I know what you mean. I don’t think I’ve ever really been connected to someone romantically. Like you said, there’s something missing.”
Cynthia raised her eyebrows. “You sure as hell have been connected to someone sexually.”
I shoved her, laughing. “Shut up. Girls are really… Amazing. Perfect. Wonderful. Sometimes I just can't help myself.”
Cynthia laughed at my statement just as the bell rang. Cynthia stood, holding out her hand to me. “Up. You're going to English.”
I groaned, but couldn’t resist. “Only for you…. And for Kaira.”
Cynthia smiled shyly as we walked back into the building to the English 12 room together. I just hoped this class would be tolerable, considering Mathematics and Physics aren’t.
Cynthia dashed into class before me, and I rolled up eyes as I called out, “nerd!”
After a few moments, Cynthia squealed as I approached. “Chris! You're gonna like this!”
I reluctantly trotted up to the room, Cynthia blocking my way. “What is it?”
“Take a look inside and see for yourself.” My best friend smiled devilishly.
I pushed Cynthia aside and stepped into the ink-smiling classroom. And that’s when I saw it.
The girl from earlier in the hallway.
She was standing at the desk in the front of the classroom, shuffling papers, reading glasses at the tip of her freckled nose.
And that’s when it hit me: the girl who mesmerized me just from her eyes was my English teacher.
Her eyes flicked from her papers to me, the door being directly across her mahogany desk. The bluest eyes if ever seen met mine, and I probably looked like a complete creep starting, but I couldn’t help it.
Cynthia shoved me into the room fully, causing me to stumble and glare at her. “Is this the hot English teacher Caro and Kaira mentioned?”
Shrugging, Cynthia and I sat down in the back of the class as the teacher refocused on the papers. “Dunno. She’s your type: tall, sexy and totally off limits.”
I furrowed my brows. “Off limits? How?” I sneered at Cynthia. “I could easily get her into bed.”
Cynthia looked confused. “Uh, Chris… you're forgetting that she’s our teacher.”
Oh. Right. well. Shit.
The sexy teacher stood then, flipping her light brown waves over her shoulder. “Welcome to English 12, everyone,” she addressed the class, but I felt like she was staring right at me. “I’m Hart.”
Cynthia and I exchanged glances, both of us hoping the teacher wasn’t gonna be too strict.
I then decided to do what I do best: be a nuisance. I then raised my hand before the teacher could continue.
“Yes?” Ms hart addressed me. I smiled.
Cynthia looked terrified, but I ignored her, “Random question, but why do you think guys have nipples?”
Ms harts face contorted into anger and embarrassed “That question isn’t appropriate.”
Cynthia and I broke uncontrolled laughter at how serious Hart sounded. “My apologies.”
Miss Hart then smiled sweetly, her eyes not once leaving mine. “I accept. Now, it's time to assign seats and take attendance.”
Assigned seats? My stomach dropped. Everyone shuffled to the front of the room, including the perfect Cynthia. Meanwhile, I just leaned back in my seat and kicked my feet up.
“Come up her, now” Miss Hart demanded, frustration in her voice.
I smiled. “Nah, I’m comfy. By the way, call me Chris.”
The class giggles, including me triumphantly, until Miss Hart narrowed her eyes. “In that case, Charlie, I’d like you to see me after class.”
I stopped laughing as I looked to Cynthia for help. She was just smiling at me playfully. “Uh, no I have better things to do than stay here with a teacher with her panties in a knot.”
A few guys began to laugh, but Miss Hart wasn’t as amused. I don’t care. See me after class, Chris Greenwald.” She glanced over her roster, using my full name.
I looked up at her, frowning. I went to speak, but Miss Hart had already moved on to assigning the rest of the seats to my class.
Although I may have been imaging it, I swore I saw the hint of a smile on Miss Hart had already moved on to assigning the rest of the seats to my class.
Although I may have been imagining it, I swore I saw the hint of a smile on Miss Harts lips as she asked me to stay after.

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