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Friday, 10 August 2018


The next morning I woke up to the sound of hysteric screaming and crying. Oh, wait, that was only me.
I heaved myself up, trudging across the hall to take a short cold shower. The Alabama heat was not kind if you had no air conditioning.
After my freezing, yet oddly relaxing shower, I would try yet again to get my mother out of bed. I knew it probably wouldn’t work, but it was my first day of school. Maybe she’d make us coffee before I left.
I walked into her room: dark, damp, full of herself pity. Despite my mother being anything but motherly, we all cared about her.
“Mom,” I said quietly, knowing she was awake. “It’s my first day of school.”
I heard my mom stir under the sheets. “I hope your behavior is better this year.”
“Whatever,” I groaned. “See you when I’m home.”
My mom didn’t reply, causing me to leave the house with a full of nothing except a binder, a pencil, some money. Since the high school was right next to Musa, Cynthia and I, it wasn’t long before I spotted them also walking to school.
“Chris!” Musa called out happily. “Hurry up, you can't be late the first day of school!”
I rolled my eyes. “Alright, alright,” I trotted up next to musa, who was all too happy for the first day of school.
Cynthia smiled at me. “Any luck with your mom?”
I sighed and shook my head. “No, but I didn’t expect any. Kaira showed up last night though.” A smile spread across my face.
“You two have a weird relationship,” musa snorted.
Cynthia jumped to my defense. “So do you and your pet ferret.”
Musa feigned hurt. “Leave Bill Cosby alone.”
I couldn’t resist a laugh. I saw Musa hand twitch closer to Cynthia, and I cringed inwardly at his painful awkwardness. It would have been funny if they weren’t my best friends.
“So, is Caro ready to be freshie?” I began conversation again.
Cynthia shrugged. “I think she’s unprepared for the work load and the pressure put on grades. Socially, she’ll be fine.”
Caro was Cynthia younger sister, a mere 14 year old. Reflected Cynthia in some sense: tall, rake thin, long blonde hair, green eyes. Cynthia had short blonde hair and short curves.
“You mean, she’s a total thot?” Musa poked Cynthia in the ribs.
“You mean…..” Cynthia wordlessly agreed. I smirked.
“Musa, didn’t you once say that Caro had nice legs?” I chimed in.
Musa groaned. “Nuh uh, no I didn’t.”
Not long after, we were standing in front of my personal hell, the thing that made me want to hang myself: school.
“Can't I just play football today?” I begged Cynthia as we slowly began walking in.
Cynthia ruffled my hair, making me snip at her “Don’t hurt the merchandise!”
My friend shrugged. “And who would want your merchandise?”
“Every lesbian in Alabama.” I replied shortly.
“So, like, all 3 of them?” Musa finally spoke from his locker.
Every year, Cynthia and I had our locker next to each other: my last name was Greenwald, hers was Heckler. Musa last name was Barki, so he was usually far away in the hallway.
I never even used my locker. I had little materials and little class time, since I usually skipped class to get high anyway.
“Listen buddy, that’s 3 better than 0.” I stated.
The bell rang, causing me to involuntarily groan.
“Chris, you have to go to first period. Tomorrow you can skip. At least get each class syllabus.” Cynthia stated, like the good person she was.
I rolled my eyes, running my hand through my dark hair. “Only for you, babe.”
Musa furrowed his eyebrows and walked away hastily. “Just get to class before a teacher calls you out.” Cynthia said quietly.
I nodded sadly as we walked in different directions. Maybe I could make some fun out the whole situation.

“Chris! What is that on my chalkboard?!” My uptight, bitchy old teacher for physics shouted.
I turned around, smiling sweetly. “I’m just showing what the female reproductive organs look like.”
My class, mostly the guys, began to snicker. “Go sit in the hallway.” My teacher fumed.
I pretended to ignore her, batting my brown eyes innocently. “What? Why?”
“Now.” She hissed, spit visible from her dentures.
I put my hands up, ignoring the laughter from my classmates. “Jeez, okay. Sorry.”
I stalked out into the hallway, slumping against the wall, happy even though I knew I was in some deep shit.
As I sat there, resisting the urge to get my phone out, I saw a blur of a student I’d never seen before pass me.
She was gorgeous, tall and she smiled like heaven. Medium length brown hair that fell in waves, a short black shirt and a mint green blouse, and bright blue eyes that pierced into mine as we looked at each other.
The girl walked by in a blue, carrying stacks of paper, yet the eye contact made me feel nauseous from how stunning this girl was.
Once she disappeared down the hall, I shook my head in disbelief. What the hell? I always admired girls, but never in such detail. Plus, I didn’t know this girl. I may have been stupid, but I wasn’t stupid enough to become infatuated with someone like that.
The bell rang signaling the class change. Next was Mathematics – completely useless – so I decided to sit out in the gardens and wait until English with Cynthia.
I sauntered off, halfway searching for the hallway girl. The universe seemed to be against me completely, putting a girl way out my league in my own school.

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