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Friday, 10 August 2018


I sipped my iced juice as I swung my legs over Cynthia’s lap, getting comfortable on her soft red couch. She ran her hands through her short blonde hair, seeming so beautiful despite the fact she wasn’t doing anything except simply flicking through Netflix shows.
How did I get so lucky to have Cynthia as my best friend?
“Ugh, there’s like, nothing good.” Cynthia whined.
I grabbed the remote from her. “Then let’s not watch TV.”
Cynthia shrugged. “Alright. Chris, are you ready fro tomorrow?”
“I don’t want to talk about school,” I groaned. “I want it to just be over with already.”
“We’ve had some good times,” Cynthia looked at me. “What classes are you talking?”
I scowled. “I thought I said I don’t wanna talk about school. School is my own personal hell.”
This made Cynthia giggle. “Just answer me. I want to know if we have classes together.”
I caved and pulled up my schedule for the next day up on my phone. “First period I have physics, second I have mathematics, third I have to study hall, fourth I have English twelve, fifth I have lunch. After lunch I’m allowed to leave.”
Ah, the perks of being a senior. The wait was finally over: the final year of my high school life. Then I’ll be able to go to a three year college, get a meager job, and hopefully get a terminal illness before the age of 30.
“We have English and lunch together,” Cynthia smiled brightly. “I hear that the new English teacher is really sexy.”
I snorted. “Right. And how would you know?”
“Angelina told me, she saw the teachers at freshman orientation. Didn’t tell me if it was a girl or guy, but I’m assuming guy.” Cynthia stared into my chocolate eyes.
I sighed quietly. “Not interested. I’m more concerned with getting crunk at parties.”
Cynthia laughed smoothly. “Shut up. We both know you're a secret dork.
“Secret nerd, maybe. Don’t tell Musa.”
Musa, or Muse, was one of my best friend. And he definitely had a crush on Cynthia, which was cute and disgusting at the same time.
Cynthia pushed my legs off as she stood. “You have to leave soon. It is a school night, after all.”
I groaned obnoxiously. “Don’t go all mom on me, for the love of god.”
“Remember that you have to dress up for church next week, and then we’ll go to a potluck family reunion after.” Cynthia giggled.
“I said mom, not annoyingly white.” I pursed my lips.
Cynthia pulled me off the couch as we walked upstairs, the overly warm main room. With my amazing luck, Cynthia was wearing a tank top and bossty shorts, and I admires her as we walked.
If she weren’t straight, I’d easily go after Cynthia.
“It's only 5 o’clock,” I murmured sadly. “Lemme stay the night.”
Cynthia just shook her head. “Your mom will be worried, you know it, Chris.”
I cringed at the mention of my mom. “My mom gives zero fucks about me. All she does is lay in bed all day, and when I try to help her, she resists.”
Cynthia expression softened. “Depression is difficult bug to deal with.”
I shook my head, running my hand through my long dark hair. I’m not taking about this.”
Cynthia smiled apologetically. “Sorry. I just want you to understand that she does love you, she just can't show it.”
I exhaled, the overwhelming southern heart giving me a headache. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. I’ll go home and say my prayers.”
Cynthia opened up the front door for me, a slight breeze thankfully greeting the home. “You do that. See you at school tomorrow, Chris!”
I was out the door by the time Cynthia said the last part, and when she did, I gave her the finger, a sign of true love.
The last thing I wanted to do was to go through yet another year of high school, do pointless classwork, and sit through lectures when you're running on 3 hours of sleep. I craved freedom, and I craved it bad.
But freedom was just going to have to wait. And that day before senior year, I had no idea what I was in for. I had no idea my life would be altered forever.
Either way, I mindlessly wandered home that warm summer evening, the perfect gold sun setting behind mango clouds. I inhaled happily, not wanting summer to draw to an end. I’d made so many memories with my friends, that particular summer, and school felt like the roadblock into a life permanently like this.
Once home, I was surprised to see Kaira standing at the stove. “Kai!”
My older sister turned around, her shiny hair illuminated, her features relaxed and comforting as always. “Hey, Chri.”
I took off my shoes and darted over to my sister. She was abroad all summer preparing for her first year of college, which was of course up north.
“Making me dinner?” I asked sweetly.
Kaira rolled her eyes. “I was making spaghetti for me, but I suppose you could join.”
“Yay!” I cheered, trotting over to the dining room table. I always turned into such a kid around Kaira, maybe because she was always there for me, especially when we were little. When dad died, it hit us all hard, and Kai took over the role as my mini mom.
“Are you ready for senior year tomorrow?” Kaira asked from the kitchen.
I rolled my eyes. “No. school is bullshit.”
“You are such a brat sometimes,” Kaira teased, coming over and kissing my head. I stuck my tongue out in response.
“And you're such a nerd.”
Kaira shrugged, going back to stirring the pasta. “Hey, my honors diploma got me into John Hopkins University.”
I scrolled through twitter. “Yeah, about that, why did you go to a northern school?”
Kaira sighed heavily. “I’m sorry I’m so far away, Chri. But you know they have the best medical science programs in the country.”
“Whatever,” I sang, pretending to be happy for her. “As long as you're having fun.”
Kaira flicked off the oven, causing my stomach to growl in anticipation. “Loads. I’ve made so many friends in Hopkins, to be honest. Including a really hot English major.”
I raised my eyebrows at her “They have English programs at Hopkins?”
“Apparently,” Kai said. “Either way, I think they're teaching down here. If you're lucky, they’ll be your teacher.”
I pretended to care. “Sounds good. Is food almost ready?” I whined.
Kaira came into the small dining room, carrying a bowl of spaghetti. “Yep. Dig in. you’ve got a big day tomorrow.”
I ignored her, focusing on my food. “Shut up.”
After dinner, Kaira had to leave. “Please stay for little longer?”
Kai hugged me tightly. I can't. I’ll miss you, Chris. Don’t cause any trouble. I’ll be back before you know it.”
With that, my older sister drove off, leaving me alone again. Leaving me to wonder what was going to happen the next day.

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