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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Must Read: My Adventures with Sugar mummy (18+) Part 7

Part 7

After enduring over an hour and 30 mins of candle wax pain, blindfolded eyes, tired hands and legs and over 100 lashes of koboko, she finally stood up from my belly…
It was as if my tears and sweats gingered her the more as she was just giggling and moaning as I cried and increased the force she used in whipping me fai fai….
By the time, she stood up…. I just felt rush of urine poured down by face and mouth to my chest….
What the Bleep, you actually fucking did it…you actually fucking did it….Untie me….untie me….. I screamed and yelled as she continued giggling and laughing while I struggled with the urine which smelled like an excavated soak away…
I couldn’t believe I actually allowed a woman pee on me….if not for change?
Untie me please…. I was almost shedding tears knowing I was vulnerable and if she wanted, she could cut off my dick and actually use me for ritual naw…
She untied me and I hurriedly rushed to the bathroom where I used one hour to scrub off the candle wax, koboko lashes and most importantly…. The stinking urine….immediately I came out, I met her all dressed up still smiling and sipping Hennessey….
U care to join? She asked offering me a drink…. I refused and nodded my head sideways…. I  then gesticulated to her to give me my money….
Can't you talk again? She said smiling as she took another sip again…
This woman dey mad fucking give me my money make I dey go, if this woman do anyhow today, two dead body go meet God for heaven oo
When she saw I was not responding, she lit her cigar, took a puff and puffed into my face, then went to the drawer…
She picked up the 100k bundle and counted 15k extra…. She threw it to me and went back to seat…..
I hope it's complete? The 100k…..
You can check….she said taking another puff….
I just randomly checked and nodded in affirmation….
The extra 15k is for being exceptionally strong…
You are like the first guy I would handle that didn’t attempt at all to break the chain…
I faked a smile and headed towards the door.. when do we meet again? She asked excused me?
U heard me, I need your services again?
Get another person, am not doing this shi again?
I took a step forward when she spoke again….
Am going to pay you 250 thousand naira?
As o heard the money, I paused…..Because of the suffering and pain I endured, my mind no boost to the money….
Even if you pay me 1 million, am not interested…
You are not interested……….250k?
Even if you are going to be doing the acts to me this time…..
I looked back and gave her that questioning face….
Yes, it will be my turn to experience the fantasy and your turn to beat, spank me, and tie me down…
And you are still going to give the 250k?
Yes am going to…. Experiencing it myself is my greatest wish and you be the first to do it to me and guess what….
She moved closer to me and suddenly grabbed my shirt, dragging my body to hers and gave me a delicious kiss…. ‘if u whip me well and tiggle me, I could add more cash and maybe…..
She grabbed my rooster and fondled it…..Maybe you could just get to penetrate I was almost in the sensation but I managed to push her off and made for the door….
‘I have your contact…… I contact you soon when am through with my business meeting and oh….Fill your bowels too cos when you come back, I will like you to poo on me….
Jesus is lord…..
immediately I heard that, I wanted to hear no more……. I left and rushed down to the reception where I ignored the greetings of the female receptionist who probably wanted me to give her tip……
Goodbye sir, goodbye sir…
I no even answer am as I raced outside the hotel and quickly placed the money in my small hand bag….
I called an okada and home straight……
Eni ori yo, o di le
To be continued……..

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