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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


How can I feel a cup already full?
How can I enter a heart already owned?
How can I be part of your life when you are still in strife?
How can I comfort you when you still longed for his embrace?
How can I touch you when you still miss his caress?
How can I demand attention when you still believe in his affections?
How can I promise forever when you’re still expecting you and him together
I know he is your first and the one who quench your thirst
But just know this; he may be your first or the one who won the race
He may have claimed the prize or have broken the ice
But I will be the one to be there till your hair turns to gray
Will accept you come maybe what ought to honor you no matter what fate sends, shall cherish you till my day ends
You may think he is the one just give me a chance I’ll prove to you is not the only one
It doesn’t matter who or what you were who and what you are to me, is all I care
For the past is meant to be surpassed
I’ll be your forever you and me together
I love you it is all that matters.

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