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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


She helped me unto my feet and took me to her house. My sister, you are too weak, please take a rest. We will talk when you regain your strength. The stranger said. No sister, I want to go back to where you picked me from. I want my tears to drown Sarah. I want my pain to be felt in Agyei's heart. I responded with a weak cry. You are making me sad. Who is Agyei, and who is Sarah? She asked. Agyei is the reason behind my survival when my parents died. He is the reason why I hoped for a better future. He is my strength, my happiness and my pain. Sarah on the other hand is my bosom friend who has thwarted my efforts of becoming whom I want to be. She is my bosom friend who has snatched my Agyei from me. I narrated in tears of weakness. This is serious! I now understand why you are this devastated. My sister please take heart, the Lord is your strength. She consoled. I stayed with the stranger till the following morning when I gained a little strength. I walked back to Agyei's house and sat behind the gate in prayers. My God! If you can hear me, I have only one request to make. The request of making the Wolves go unpunished. The request of avenging my pain. God, let not the wicked go free. I prayed in tears. After the prayer of pain, I picked a car back to Praso. Life is a struggle. Oh Kukua! Where did I go wrong with these wolves in Sheep's clothing in my life? So all these while, I was dinning with Wolves instead of Sheep? I thought in tears when I entered my room. I stayed in the room for three good days without food. There was no money on me, so I decided to go to the bank to withdraw a little amount for my upkeep. I dressed up in my weak state and walked to the bank. Good afternoon sir, please, I am here to take 100cedis from my account. I said. Where is your withdrawal form or ATM card? He asked. I don't have any. I learnt I can purchase one from here. I responded. I was asked to buy a counter cheque but I had no money on me. I then negotiated with them to give it to me and pay after the withdrawal, which they agreed to. I joined the queue, waiting to get my money. Finally, it was my turn. After several minutes, the teller told me that the account number I have given was wrong. I was asked to write it over and over again, but they still claimed it was not mine. I was asked to sit and wait for a while. Minutes later, the police came to where I was sitting. Madam, you are under arrest. He said. For what sir? I asked in fear. For impersonating someone to steal from his account. He responded. Sir listen to me, this account we are talking about is mine. It was my fiance, Agyei, who assisted me to open this account. You can even go ahead and check. I have been coming here every two days to deposit money into it. I explained. He informed the manager and they checked their records. Indeed, I had been going there almost every two days to deposit money into that account, and besides, the person whom they claim owns the account is Agyei. Madam Kukua Nancy, it is true you've been depositing money into this particular account, but unfortunately, the account bears the name of your just talked about fiance, Agyei Marcus. The manager explained. Manager, does that mean the money isn't mine? I asked. Yes madam, the money is in the name of Agyei, so he can only withdraw money from the account. In a nutshell, the money belongs to him. He explained further. Slowly, I stood up from the seat and began walking on the street. I could see myself walking, but I couldn't control my directions. I could see Agyei walking beside me. Agyei, listen, if you needed money, you should have told me, rather than deceiving me for it. I am an orphan, and I don't deserve this treatment. Look at me, I haven't eaten for the past three to four days, all because I am broke. You shouldn't have deceived a miserable charcoal seller like me. Agyei tell me, do I have a future? At the age of 27, I can't even bost of a common radio set. Agyei, do I have a future? I kept talking to him on the street. Quickly, someone grabbed me from behind. Leave me! I am talking to Agyei! Please leave me! I screamed. No Kukua, you are walking alone and talking to yourself. There is no Agyei here! The person responded and forced me into a taxi.

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