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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


The news was weakening my limbs, so I went to sit behind a kiosk and buried my teary face in my palms. God, let this be a mere rumour. I prayed in tears. Kukua is that you? What are you doing here? It was my uncle Boakye. Nothing uncle, I am only taking a rest. I lied in a trembling voice. Resting behind a kiosk with tears running down your face? Kukua, have you seen the pain you've caused yourself? He asked. What are you talking about uncle? What pain? I pretended. Cut the pretence and face reality for once. You and I know that Agyei's marriage to your bosom friend is what is tearing you apart. Kukua, how could you abandon your home for a foreign land all in the name of a man? When I tried advising you, you disrespected me. Now look at you, look at how miserable you look. He added unhappily. Uncle, did you say my friend? Did you say Agyei is getting married to my friend? Which friend? I asked in pain. Kukua so you don't know? You don't know that Agyei is getting married to your friend Sarah? Uncle Boakye asked. Instantly I burst into a loud cry. Yyyyyyyeeeeeeeyyyyyy uncle help me. Please help meeeeeeeeeee! I am tearing apart! Somebody help meeeeee! God where are you? Why have you forsaken me? My mother where are you? Tell my father to come to my rescue! My life has ended ooooo my life has ended! Oooooohhhh Kukua! Where did I go wrong? What did I do? I wailed. Kukua please calm down! This is not the end of your life. There are better men out there who are willing to have you. My uncle consoled. No uncle, you don't understand. Agyei has taken my happiness away. He has taken my trust away! He has taken my strength away. Uncle, please help me plead with him. He should have mercy on me. I responded in tears. Kukua please get up and let's go home. He said. Uncle, do you please know where Agyei is? I have few questions to ask him. I asked in tears still. Agyei has been posted to Sunkwa, but I don't think it is necessary to go there now. He and Sarah might be busy preparing for the pending ceremony. Uncle advised. I hurriedly stood up in tears and took to my heels to board a car to Sunkwa. I must talk to Agyei. I thought. Kukua come back! Please come back! My uncle called but I refused to listen to him. In an hour, I was at Sunkwa. I went to the hospital to ask of Agyei and a good Samaritan showed me to his house. I knocked at his door several minutes until someone responded. The person opened the door, and it was Sarah. Kukua, what do you want here? She asked in fear of confidence. Sarah, why the fear in your eyes? I am only a visitor so why should my presence scare you this much. I asked in sorrow. Kukua, evil people like you should be feared. Besides, you are not invited here so I don't see why you should be here. She responded. Sarah, is this Agyei's room or yours? I am looking for Agyei. I inquired. Well, Agyei is my husband to be, so the room belongs to us both. She responded. My limbs refused to support my weight. I instantly sat on the floor in pain. What are you doing Kukua? I hope you are not here to enchant us with your witchcraft. She shouted in fear. Sarah, I wish I had the strength to stand on my feet like you are doing. I wish I could contain all the pain you are spewing. Unfortunately, I can't. I am weak! I am dying! Somebody help meeeeeee! Somebody help meeeeee! I screamed with pain. Quickly, Agyei came out from the room. What is happening here? He screamed in fear as he stepped out. Agyei please it's me. It is me Kukua! The orphan you once cared so much for. Agyei, it is Kukua whose only happiness is you. The Kukua you promised loving for the rest of your life. I responded in tears. Kukua, spare me these useless attributes and tell me what you want here. He yelled. And why are you sitting on the floor? Are you here to curse me? He asked.. Agyei, my limbs are weak. Please tell me what I've been hearing is not true. I responded in tears and misery. Everything is true Kukua! I am getting married to Sarah next week. Sarah is the woman after my heart. She is within my class, and she will never cheat on me like you did. He responded. I laid on the floor and began weeping uncontrollably. Agyei! You have killed me! Where did I go wrong? How did I offend you? Oh Agyei! My only hope! My only love! Please don't do this to me. Kukua, you cheated on me and I have paid you back. You made me sell charcoal under your spell and I am paying you back for it. When I came back into your life, what were you thinking? To love you again? Never! I only came to revenge. He angrily spoke. Oh Agyei! Agyei please! Please have mercy on me. Even if you don't love me again, take me as your maid and let me worship you to compensate you for the pain I have caused you. I pleaded in tears. Out of anger, Agyei and Sarah dragged me on the floor out from their compound and locked the gate behind them. I wish I could get up to pick a car back to Praso, but the weakness outweighed my strength. I wept till later in the evening when somebody came to my rescue. She helped me unto my feet and took me to her house.

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