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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


I thanked them, and they drove away. Immediately I entered my room, I called Agyei. Hello my love, I just closed from church, what about you? I happily asked. Kukua, how many times should I warn you not to call me until I do? Do you want my parents to disown me again? He unhappily asked. I'm sorry Agyei, I didn't mean to cause you problems. I responded sadly. Wait a minute Kukua, whose phone are you using? Did you still keep the quiz award phone? He asked. No Agyei, I gave that phone to the organizers of the quiz before I left campus. I borrowed this one from one of the tenants. I responded. Kukua, you see how cheap you can be? You stooped as low as borrowing a phone to call your fiance? What do you want them to think about me? He angrily asked. I'm sorry Agyei, I didn't mean to embarrass you. I will buy one for myself tomorrow after market. I responded. Kukua, don't you dare use the money for your education on phone, don't try that. He yelled on top of his voice and hanged up on me. God, why did you create me this lonely? Why does everything seem to be wrong in my life? Agyei is my everything, but he seem to be gradually choosing his family over me. He keeps yelling at me for no serious offence. What a sad and boring life? I thought sadly. The next day was a working day and I began my charcoal business as usual. I made lots of sales and saved the money in my bank account. Agyei on the other hand was busy with his education. Soon, it was a year and Agyei finally completed school. I waited for him to visit me but he didn't. I began getting worried until he called me one afternoon on my cotenant's phone. Hello Kukua, I'm sorry for not visiting, I've been very busy working on my posting since results came out. The good news is that, I have passed. Kukua, it is your turn to go to school, please, sell all the charcoal and put the money into your account. I mean, add your capital as well, I want to start processing your admission. He explained. Thanks so much Agyei. Thanks for having my welfare at heart. I will do as you've just said. I responded in relief. I did exactly as Agyei said. I gathered all the money, amounting to 2500 cedis, and deposited it into the account. I waited so many months to hear from Agyei, but to no avail. Since all the money on me was deposited into the account, I began to starve. I tried reaching him on phone, but his lines were off. I then decided to go to Buohia to ask of his whereabouts. I went straight into his house, since that was the only option. Kukua, what are you doing in my house? Mrs Agyei yelled immediately I entered the house. I'm sorry mummy, I came to see Agyei. I responded. Are you still following my son with your evil spirit? Kukua or whatever you call yourself, don't come and spoil my son's marriage for me! Take your bad luck away! She screamed on top of her voice. Marriage? Is Agyei married? I asked. Before I landed with my question, she called the dogs on me and they began giving me a hot chase. I run faster than a jet, out of the house. God, what is going on? Is Agyei married? I thought. No, Agyei won't do that to me. Probably, his mother is arranging a marriage for him which I know he won't agree to. I consoled myself. While crossing the road, I heard someone calling me from behind. It was Edem. How may I help you? I angrily asked. Kukua, since Agyei is marrying next week, I think you should consider my proposal. He said. Instantly, I felt dizzy. What? Agyei is marrying next week? I asked. So you are not aware? Well, I'm glad to be the first person to break the news to you. You have no option than to accept my proposal. He bragged. Edem, you think I don't have any option? Do you think you are the only man in this world? If even you are the only man, I still have an option of remaining single than to marry a desperate weak minded person like you who uses pain to define his love. Now if you don't mind, I must get going. I insulted and walked out on him. The news was weakening my limbs, so I went to sit behind a kiosk and buried my teary face in my palms.

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