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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Wait Kukua, let me attend to it rather. Agyei said and walked towards the door. Good morning, how may I help you. Agyei asked. I am looking for Kukua. The person responded. Who are you and what do you want from her? Agyei asked. She is my friend, and I decided to check up on her since its been a long time I saw her. Please is she inn? The person asked. Quickly, I walked to the door to see who it was and It was Caleb What do you want here? I harshly asked immediately I got to the door. Kukua do you know him? Agyei asked. No Agyei! I don't know him anywhere. I have never seen his face before. I lied to avoid Agyei's anger. My brother, Kukua is my fiancee, and I have the right to accept those who come closer to her. Henceforth, never come here again! Agyei angrily warned. There is a mix up somewhere my brother, She is even not the Kukua I am looking for. I was directed into this house when I asked few of the people in this neighborhood about my old time friend Kukua. Upon seeing your fiancee, I've realized I was directed to the wrong person. Sorry for invading into your privacy. Caleb smartly explained and walked away. Why would Caleb make that smart turn? What was his reason? I thought. Kukua, I am happy it is a wrong identification, I wouldn't have taken it lightly at all. Agyei stated with all seriousness. Agyei, I have promised, and will continue to promise that, my heart is yours and yours alone. I responded. I escorted Agyei to the lorry park and came back home happily. Sister Kukua, I so much admire you and your fiance. How long have you known yourselves? My cotenant asked. The duration doesn't matter, what matters is that, you should continue admiring us to make your relationship better, I don't owe you details of my relationship. I answered unhappily. That is too harsh Sister Kukua, anyway sorry for asking. She responded unhappily too. Harshness is a sin, and I'm sorry for causing it, but the truth still remains that, I don't owe you details of my relationship. I stated and walked pass her into my room. Days later, I began attending church. I must do anything Agyei wishes for. I thought. On my second visit to the church, I saw Caleb and his fiancee comfortably seated on the front seat. I kept stealing glances at the dress his lady was wearing. It was so beautiful and classy. One day, this will be Agyei and I, after we've gotten a job that earns us reasonable amount of money. I thought. After church service, I walked to the roadside to pick a taxi home. Before I knew it, Caleb had stopped his car to give me a lift. Hello Kukua, since you don't know me, I will like to introduce myself to you. My name is Caleb. Can my fiancee and I offer you a lift? He sarcastically talked. I stood so confused without knowing what to think. Young lady, it is a ride and nothing else. Please get into the car and avoid the sun. His fiancee spoke. Eeeeiii! Has this lady forgotten whom I am or what? The last time, she was rude, but today, she is nice. What's the secret? Is it because I am well dressed today? Or is because she just came out from church. I thought quickly and entered the car. Caleb drove me to my house. Kukua, sorry for the last time, I now have a slight idea about your problems. He said. Don't worry Caleb, I should rather apologize for denying ever knowing you. I responded shamefully. I had to lie to save you from more troubles. It is called, "dance to the tune". He teased. On a more serious note Kukua, I have no evil intentions for you. Afrakoma here, is my fiancee and I don't intend cheating on her. We will even be getting married very soon. The fact is, I don't have a sister, and I get sad anytime I see a woman sad. He explained. I am sorry Caleb, please forgive me. I pleaded and got down from the car. I thanked them, and they drove away.

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