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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Weeks later, Agyei replied my numerous letters through our landlord's postal address. "Kukua, I've received all your letters, and each one of them speaks not to my ears but heart. I have never loved anyone like you in my entire life, hence my pain. I remember all the good things we had together, all the struggles we endured together. How could I have forgotten so easily. Kukua, I am so sorry for the insults and name calling, I should have trusted you a little bit more. Please, find a place in your heart to forgive me, and let's continue from where we stopped. My love, don't waste money responding to this chat, because, vacation is in two weeks, and I will personally be at your place to see you. I love you angel. Stay blessed and happy." No! This is too good to be true. This is too good. I screamed happily and began jumping about in the room. Sister Kukua, what is the reason behind the happiness coming out from your room? Have you won a lottery? My cotenant Afia asked. Afia, I have more than won a lottery! My lost treasure is found! Happiness has located me once again. I responded happily. Days quickly passed into two weeks, and truly, Agyei visited. I hugged him so tight for several minutes, not wanting to let go off him. He hugged me back happily. I finally broke the silence. Agyei, I know I have.... Ssssshhhhhh Kukua, what happened is in the past, I don't want us to revisit it. He cut in quickly. We began conversing happily. Agyei, tell me, how did you go about your union with your parents? I inquired. Kukua, it was tougher than you can imagine. My father was so mad at me. It took my pastor's help to apologize to him. Agyei narrated. Awwww thank God. Agyei, I am happy for you and your parents, but at the same time sad for our future. Will your parents ever accept me? I asked. Kukua, I have so many plans in the pipeline. Fortunately, I am left with just a year to complete my training, and I want to enroll you into a better tertiary education institution considering how good your results is. Afterwards, I will present you to them for marriage, and they can never turn you down. He explained. Agyei, that is going to take almost five years. Can you wait that long? I asked. Kukua, I should rather be asking you that question, because you are the woman. Women are always worried about age. He responded. Agyei, you know I will definitely wait for you. It is you or no one else. I responded happily. So let's do it this way Kukua, I am going to open an account for you in the bank, where you will save a little out of the business proceedings. By next year, you would have gotten a reasonable amount to start schooling. Agyei stated. Early the following morning, we went to the bank to open the account. I knew nothing about banking, but Agyei took his time to do everything for me. I began saving as advised. A week later, Agyei asked permission to go to his parents at Buohia to avoid their anger. Agyei, there is one thing worrying me. I said. What is it my love? Please talk to me. He worriedly asked. Agyei, since you came back from school, you never made love to me like you used to. I complained. Kukua, you should be very happy about that. You should thank my pastor for all goodness he preached into my heart. He responded. Kukua, those sinful days are past and I must even apologize to you for dragging you into sin. The Bible speaks against premarital sex, and we must do our best to stay away from it. One more thing Kukua, ever since I met you, I have never seen nor heard you going to church, and that is very bad. He added. I am sorry my love, I should have reasoned beyond the demand of the flesh. Henceforth, I will be going to church. I responded happily. Just when Agyei picked his bags and was about to step out of the room, we heard a knock on the door. Who at all is this? I thought. Kukua, are you expecting someone? He asked. No my love. Let me please check on it. I responded. Wait Kukua, let me attend to it rather. Agyei stated and walked towards the door.

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