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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Agyei it is me, it is your Kukua. Please come back to me, kindly don't watch me die. I thought in years as I journeyed back. Kukua, a young man has been coming to look for you since yesterday. Did you travel? A cotenant asked when I got into the house. Yes I traveled. Did he come to buy charcoal? I asked. I don't think so. He said he came to discuss something very important with you. He came here more than five times yesterday, and he promised to be back today too. She responded. Thanks for the information, I will be in my room, in case he comes back. I responded and walked into my room. The room was empty without anything belonging to Agyei. I laid down on the floor in pain and misery. I know Agyei is mad at me, that is why he is doing this. He will definitely come back to me. He loves me so much to break up with me. I thought. Seconds later, I heard someone knocking at my door. I hurriedly attended to it and it was Caleb. I unhappily ushered him into the room. Caleb, I don't have a chair nor a bed for you to sit on. As you can see, I only have this mat. I said and pointed to the mat. Kukua, why this bitterness in your voice? I came to see you, and not to measure your wealth. He responded unhappily and sat on the floor. Kukua, I am so sorry for stalking you, please forgive me. The truth is that, I have never been able to concentrate on anything since I saw you. I ask myself why somebody like you would be buried in sorrows. Kukua, I might not be able to solve all your problems for you, but I can at least help you share the pain by giving you a listening ear. He spoke. Caleb, I can't talk to you about anything, unless I finish solving them. I don't share my problems, I only share my solutions to help others solve their problems too. I responded. Kukua, what if these problems crash you to death? Where will you be to share those solutions? He asked. The dead speaks to the dead Caleb. If I die from my problems, I will share my solutions with the dead. Please get going, I don't want more troubles. I said unhappily. Sorry for barging into your privacy Kukua, and sorry for my fiancee's unhealthy attitude towards you the other day. He gentlemanly responded and walked out of the room. Days passed, and I kept writing various letters to Agyei. One of them read; "My love, this is your former happiness contacting you. I know you are moving on without me, but unfortunately, I am unable to. I know my irresponsible actions have caused you pains, but the truth is, there are some I knew nothing about, and some, I knew something about not in a bad way. Agyei, I am sorry for being a charcoal seller whose status is stepping down on your current personality, but remember, you were once the bedrock for this business. I am sorry for being an orphan, kindly forgive my parents for making it so. I am sorry for being an illiterate, your definition for somebody who has no tertiary education background, please forgive Sarah and her friends for being the cause. Agyei, I am so sorry for loving you too much, I know my too much is causing you so much. I wish I could grant your wish of not contacting you, I wish I could just do that to make you happy, but unfortunately I can't. Remember the jollof rice and chicken you used to cook for me, I miss them badly. Remember not wanting me to carry anything heavy, please come and and relay me off this heavy burden of almost loosing you. My love, my Agyei, please come. Come and let me crack some jokes to make you laugh like I always do. Come and let me feed you with your favorite biscuit like I always do. You remember my dress you admired so much, I am wearing them right now. Please come and stare at me with love" Indeed, love is a combination of emotions. Happy today, sad tomorrow. Love is a cheat! Happy for a minute, sad for a lifetime. Why can't love pay well? Why? I thought in tears. Weeks later, Agyei replied my numerous letters through our landlord's postal address.

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