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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Early the next morning, one of the nurses I spoke to, came to me at my bedside. Good morning madam Kukua, how are you this morning? She asked. Very well my sister, how about you? I asked. Same here by grace. Madam, I want to apologize on behalf of my friends and I for what happened yesterday. We really learnt sense from your advise. We regret our action. She apologised humbly. It was yesterday, and the darkness that came in the night carried it away. Just take a look at the sky through the window, there is brightness at every corner. A new day, with new things. Let's begin the day with no bottled feelings. I am your younger sister, and I love you as such. I responded with smiles. Thanks a lot Kukua, God bless you. Anyway, let me know when you are ready to go home, so that I escort you to the gate. She said. Ready? I still haven't paid my bill oooo. I responded. Your brother paid for them before leaving here yesterday. I mean Caleb, the one who visited you in the evening. She explained. I can't believe this! So Caleb still went ahead to pay for my bill? I thought quickly happily. Thanks for the information my sister. I will soon call you to escort me out of here after bathing. I responded. I got prepared and I was escorted to the gate by the nurse. We bid ourselves goodbye and I picked a van back to Praso since I had some coins in my bag. I walked straight to the house. It's been three good days since I left home, but Agyei hasn't bothered to look for my whereabouts. Even though I know he is hurt, but at least, checking up on me, whether dead or alive would have been human enough. I thought sadly as I walked to the house. When I got to the house, Agyei had packed all his belongings from the room. No! This is not happening to me! Agyei can't leave me like this! It has not gotten to this! I screamed in tears and run out of the room to pick a van to the city where Agyei was schooling. Whiles running in tears on the street, a land cruiser crossed me and parked right in front of me. I got so frightened. Who is this? Who nearly knocked me down in his comfort? I thought angrily as I stood waiting for the driver to step out of the car to render an apology. Lo and behold, he stepped down from the car. Kukua I'm sorry, I know I scared you. It was Caleb. I did this because I saw you running in tears from your house. He added. Caleb, what business has my tears got to do with you? You scared life out of me from your comfort zone, why would you do that? I angrily responded. Oh! I can see this car is yours. You are part of the people who have confined paupers like me to an eternal poverty. As greedy as the rich are, they refuse to allow some of us to also get rich. Go away Caleb! Leave me alone! I screamed in tears and bitterness. Kukua, I know this is not you speaking. I know the pain in your heart is what is talking this way, please calm down and get into the car and let's talk. He pleaded. Suddenly, a fair coloured lady got down from the car. Baby, did I hear you say this mad person should get into our car? Are you alright? She asked with her rich saucy voice. How dare you call her a mad person? Where is your conscience? Caleb angrily responded. Madam sanity, everything you see around you is vanity! The only thing I value in this life is happiness and not bitterness like you possess. You dare call me mad, simply because I am sad? I am disappointed in you and your riches, because, it couldn't at least train you to be respectful. I spoke angrily and walked away. I joined the van to the city which was two hours drive from Praso. When I alighted, I picked a taxi to the school. I asked few people and I was shown to Agyei's hostel. I walked in tears to knock at his door until a guy came out. Madam, who are you and what do you want in the boy's hostel? He asked. Please, I am here to see Agyei. I responded. Agyei has gone to campus to attend to something important, I am his roommate, you can leave the message with me. He said. My brother, I am Agyei's fiancee, and I came all the way from Praso to see him. I must see him in person. I responded. Fiancee? Are you his village fiancee our mates have been teasing him with? Pardon my manners madam, but are you the charcoal seller? He asked. Village fiancee? Does he have a city one? I asked. Eeeii, you seem too intelligent for your status, but you must answer me first if you want me to answer you. He responded. Yes, I am the charcoal seller. I confidently responded. Instantly, he burst into laughter. Guys come out oooooo! The evidence is right here before us! Agyei's cup is full today. He laughed and called the other room mates to come out. I felt so bad standing in their midst, being mocked and disrespected for being a charcoal seller. Minutes later, Agyei appeared at the scene. Blood of Jesus! Kukua, what are you doing here? Agyei screamed unhappily immediately he saw me. Agyei, are you blood of Jesusing me because you didn't expect a charcoal seller like me to visit you? I asked almost in tears. Cut the nonsense and tell me your mission here! What do you want? He yelled. Agyei, in so many years, this is the first time you are insulting me. Please, I know you are hurt, but it isn't what it seemed to be. Agyei, I never cheated on you and I never will. I responded in tears. You are lucky I am insulting you and not beating you up. A village illiterate like you had the guts to cheat on me as many times as she wished, all because of some childish love. He harshly spoke. A village illiterate? Agyei, please calm down with your words. They are piercing me too deep. My love, I am innocent, but you can only see it if you trust me a little more than you do for outsiders. Why would I cheat on you Agyei? I went to Edem's house to borrow money for your fees. Nothing more, nothing less. I explained in tears. Hahahahhaha! This is charcoal love part one and two. Agyei's room mates teased. Kukua, do you see the kind of embarrassment you are causing me? Your presence in my life is even insulting, how much more coming here? Now listen, I have reconciled with my parents, and I don't need you or anything from you to build my future. It is over between us! He harshly spoke and walked out on me into the room. I tried following him there, but his room mates prevented me. I wept my heart out for minutes until the guys called the security guard to throw me out. I stood behind the school gate in tears. Agyei, please come! Don't do this to me! Agyei please have mercy on me! It is me Kukua! Please don't jilt me. I wailed. I slept behind the gate till the following morning when I took a van back to Praso. Few years have passed, and we've exchanged class. Agyei has become better, and me bitter. Leaving me a alone in a land of wonder, just to watch me suffer. Agyei it is me, it is your Kukua. Please come back to me, kindly don't watch me die. I thought in tears as I journeyed back.

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