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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Kukua! Kukua! What is happening to you? Edem screamed and run to hold me. I woke up later to find my miserable self on a hospital bed with Edem standing beside me. Kukua you are awake! Thank God. He screamed happily. Edem, by the count of two, I don't want to see you here. I screamed. The other patients pleaded on his behalf. Madam please don't sack him. He has been so worried since you were rushed in here yesterday. He has been human enough to stay with you till this time. One of the patients pleaded. Yes, what my sister is saying is the true. Young lady, look at me, I've been sick for the past one week, but my husband has never bothered to check up on me. It isn't easy to get a man like this guy who loves you even in your sickness. Another patient narrated. Madam, if your husband has not been here, and he is not the reason behind your sickness, then thank your God. Who knows, he might be locked up in some kind of problem somewhere. Just give him the benefit of the doubt. Now, back to this wolf in a sheep's skin you see here, he is the reason behind my current situation. He is the torn in my flesh. The fall to my rise. I explained. Edem, for the last time, leave my presence! I yelled angrily till the nurses came to force him out of the ward. The next day, during ward rounds, the nurses told me to take few minutes walk as a form of exercise. I got out from my bed, and did as I was told. I walked a little far to the mortuary, and stood under one of the trees, staring at the building. I remember when my parents died, this is the building that accommodated them till their burial. I was hoping they will wake up one day and come back home, but they didn't. They rather slept in there for weeks till they were buried. I reminisced in tears for several minutes until I felt a tap on my shoulder. Madam, the nurse over there is calling you. The person said and pointed finger at the nurse. Wait a minute, it seems we've met before. Madam, why the tears on your face? With a cannula inside your vein, you are supposed to be sick, why then are you shedding tears in this sick state? He asked. It was Caleb, the gentleman whose brother insulted me some days back. Sir, I must get going. I responded in tears still. No! I won't allow you to go! Okay, if you won't tell me what is bothering you, you can at least tell me your name and the ward you've been admitted into. He insisted. My name is Kukua Nancy, I am in the female's medical ward. I responded hastily and walked away. When I got to the ward, I was told that, I should get prepared to be discharged the next day. My bill for the medical services was three hundred cedis. Nurse please, I don't have that kind of money now. I will have to go home and come back later to pay. I responded. Where did you hear that? Go home and come back? Why don't you call your boyfriend who brought you here? She asked. He is a good Samaritan and not my boyfriend, besides, you shouldn't decide for me who to pay my bill, I can pay it myself. I responded unhappily and walked to lay on my bed. Look at this illiterate blurbing! When you get numerous boyfriends, that is when you become choosy. You forced your man out of this hospital and now, you are finding it difficult to pay your bill. She lie bad, she will forcefully pay or stay here till forever. I overheard the nurses talking ill about me. I stood up from my bed, and walked to them again. My sisters, I heard everything you've just said about me, but I have a little clarification to make. Not everyone you see here is sick to the brain. Even if I am, I deserve some respect from you people. I owe you no explanation to my life, but I want to make you understand that, because you are married women, doesn't make every single lady a whore. I must not be an office worker before you show me some respect. I sell charcoal, and I deserve some respect too, because, in the end, I don't feed in your home. The last time I checked, nurses were trained to care for the sick in every way till recovery, but here you are, sickening my almost recovered health with insults. You have your right to take your charged bill from me, and I equally have my right to choose my payment mode. If I don't have money, it doesn't mean I can't have access to health care. On humanitarian grounds, you must consider my health first before money. Where is your love for humanity? Where lies your sympathy? My sisters, I humbly ask, what happened to your training? Where did you leave it? So, you rather passed through the school instead of allowing the school to pass through you. Gossip no more, insult no more, let this job be your passion rather than a fashion, because, its blessings is what is going to feed you, and not the salary. I advised and walked back to my bed. None of them coughed nor talked. Immediately I climbed my bed, I saw Caleb standing next to me. Kukua, you are so full of wisdom. I was standing right behind you when you were advising the nurses. He spoke. Caleb, thanks for the compliment, but what are you doing here? I mean, who is sick? I inquired. Mmmm Kukua. I had a hip fracture through home accident, and I am feeling the pain more than ever. I reported to the hospital and I was asked to come to this town for an Xray since Praso township doesn't have any, at their hospital facility. He explained. So sorry for you, I wish you a quick recovery. I responded. No Kukua, you are rather on admission, that means, your condition is severe. Tell me, what happened to you? He asked. I also fell down from a height and I was rushed here. I lied. Why then were you brought here instead of Praso? He inquired. This is where the incident happened. I came here to trade, and the tragedy happened. I responded smartly. How much do you owe this hospital? Because I overheard you talking about some payment. He asked. Oh nothing. I have paid. I lied again. Kukua, you and I have a lot to talk about when you get well. I don't know you so well, but you seem to be battling emotions. Get well soon, I will see you later. I am going back to Praso. He stated and walked away. Early the next morning, one of the nurses I spoke to, came to talk to me at my bedside.

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