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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


You've spoken well my sister, and I pray that, I tap into this wisdom you possess. I responded happily. Awwww Kukua, I take that as a compliment. Thanks a lot. She said. Eheh, may I know if you are also a semi-literate like myself? Are you also a senior high school leaver? I asked. No Kukua! I wouldn't have had the opportunity to enter into this house as a cook. I did catering in the university. She responded. Oh I see, lucky you. I responded in a mixed feeling. So in all, how many people stay in this big house? I asked. Myself, bro Caleb, sister Cally, Curtis, and one cousin of Cally, called Theo. Mum and Dad do not stay here, they are overseas but come here every three months. They will be here next month that marks their third month visit. Doris explained. And where is Cally's cousin? Has he also traveled? I asked. Yes, he has also traveled to Europe to purchase goods for sale, he is a business mogul. Very rich and influential. Doris narrated. We conversed happily whiles working. We prepared breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks intermittently. It was very tiring, but Doris was smart with it. Besides, I got to eat anything I fancied. Delicious nutritious meals every day. Gradually, I was gaining weight. One afternoon while in the kitchen cooking, Caleb walked inn. Hello ladies, trust you are doing well? Anyway, how is work? Doris, are you getting the help you needed? And Kukua, are you happy being here? He asked. Yes bro Caleb, Kukua is very supportive and hardworking. I trusted you when you told me you will bring me help. You never disappoint. Doris responded happily. What about you Kukua? He asked. Everything is fine Caleb. Doris is one of a kind, very tolerating and witty. She is teaching me everything I need to know, and I'm loving it. I responded happily too. I'm glad to hear that. Anyway, my wedding is in three months and I'm trusting the two of you of making my guests happy. He announced. Congratulations bro, we are always at your service. We chorused in ecstasy. One more thing Kukua, get ready to start a sandwich program in any of the universities, after my wedding. Think about the course you will want to pursue, either catering or something else. You ought to be paid handsomely like Doris. He added and walked away. Wow! Kukua you are so lucky! Doris exclaimed. You too Doris. You think I didn't understand what he just said? He meant that, your salary is as fat as your thighs. I teased. Of course it is. The family accountant pays me the salary of a degree holder in any better institution. And of course, I believe he adds insults and emotional stress allowance to it, because, it isn't easy staying in this house. She explained in a mixed feeling. What are you two busily talking about? What did my husband come to do here? Cally bumped into us and asked. Nothing ma'am. We were only discussing how good this job is. Doris smartly responded. Why won't this job be good, when your eyes are fixed on my cousin? You think I don't know how you lust after him? Listen to me Doris, my family won't accept a lady like you whose palms are as hard and tough as the devil's buttocks. You must be dreaming! And to you Kukua whatever! Take your evil eyes off my husband! Take them off! Caleb is not interested in you, and never will. She angrily spoke. Cally please, it isn't what you think. Caleb is a brother to me and nothing else. I responded. Before I landed with my words, she slapped me so hard. How dare you banter words with me you whore! Do you think I'm your mate? She angrily yelled. Just then, Curtis rushed into the kitchen. What is happening here Cally? Who is troubling you? He asked. Can you imagine this village champion has grown long horns enough to argue with me? She narrated. You dare argue with a lady of a class? Did you really do that? Curtis asked and began walking towards me. I kept mute in fear and trembling limbs while Doris kept her fingers on her lips in fear too.

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