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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Curtis and Afrakoma won't allow me see Caleb, what else should I do? I thought. Early in the morning, my landlord came to call me again. Kukua, my wife just left this house to the market and all the tenants are also gone to do their various works. Please allow me inn to take my rent. He stated and tried forcing himself into my room. No landlord, please I can't do this! I simply can't! I responded. Then go in there and pack your miserable belongings out of my room, you mad woman! He harshly insulted. Landlord please, it hasn't reached this stage. You can't throw me out like this. I don't have anywhere else going to. I pleaded. You must be kidding! He screamed and pushed me from the way. He forced his way into the room and began throwing my clothes out. I wept in plea but he refused to listen. I laid on the floor on my bags in tears. Kukua, what is happening here? Why are you rolling yourself on the floor? Kukua why? Caleb suddenly appeared on the scene and asked worriedly. Caleb, my landlord has thrown me out for my inability to pay my rent. Caleb please beg him for me, tell him I will pay soon. Please tell him for me. I pleaded in tears. Get up Kukua, you don't deserve to be in this house. You can't be in a house where they can throw you out anytime. You deserve better than this. Caleb responded unhappily. And to you landlord, I will be back to get you! You must explain to the law, if it is so right to throw someone out from your room in this manner. Caleb stated angrily and helped me with my bags into his car. Kukua please stop crying, there are better days ahead. Caleb consoled. Caleb please where are you taking me to? I asked in tears. Kukua, I am taking you to my home. To the job we talked about the last time. He responded and drove me straight to his home. Caleb, why have you brought this lady here? Afrakoma unhappily asked when we entered the sitting room. I was about asking this same question. Bro, what is she doing here? Curtis asked too. I stood behind Caleb with my hands behind me in fear. She is here to assist Doris the cook, in the kitchen. Caleb responded. Caleb, what is wrong with the cook we have in this house? Is she not cooking well any longer? Afrakoma asked. Doris has complained several times that she needs help, since you are always watching television as the madam of the house. Caleb responded unhappily. Caleb, how dare you humiliate me before this nonsense of a girl? How dare you? Afrakoma yelled. And how dare you question my authority in this house? Afrakoma, if you respect me, you wouldn't question my authority as a man before this newly employed worker. Now if you don't mind, I will be inside. Caleb stated unhappily and walked me into my room. Bro, what you are doing is not right! Dad and mum won't be happy if they return from the States. They won't! I overheard Curtis screaming. Caleb introduced me to the cook of the house. Doris, meet Kukua, she is here to assist you in the kitchen like you've always wanted. He said. Thanks for granting my wish bro Caleb. Welcome to this wonderful home Kukua, enjoy your stay. Doris happily spoke to me. Work began the next day, and I gave out my all. Kukua, there is something you must know about this household, and that is, they are fabulously rich. Due to that, they look down on anyone who is not within their class. Doris narrated. Really? Doris how then are you coping? I asked. Kukua, it takes determination and courage to face everything in life. After school, the next thing you look for is job, and you can't turn it down when it stares you in the face, simply because there is a bold inscription written on it that says, "Use all your strength" She explained. What if I loose all my strength and regain it later through my reward? Don't you think that will be better than saving my strength for nothing? She added. You've spoken well my sister, and I pray to tap into this wisdom you possess. I responded happily.

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