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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


I agreed and he gave me a drive to where I stay. I prayed massively over Caleb's offer, and set off to his house at the appointed time the next day. Immediately I entered their house, I saw his kid brother seated with a bottle of chilled beer before him. Who permitted you into this house? Are you not the lady I warned sometime ago never to walk near this house? He shouted angrily. Good morning Curtis, I am here to see Caleb. We have an appointment. I dismissively responded. See who is talking about appointment! Get the hell out of here before I force you to do so. He yelled. Curtis, after spelling out my mission to you, I don't expect you to still walk me out. At least, I have a reason of being here. I responded calmly. Your reasons are not sensible enough to even warrant you a minute stay in this house. I say get out! Get out or I call the police. He threatened. Call the police? For a robbery attack or what? Remember the police is always available for everyone's safety and not yours alone. Please, if my presence is annoying you that much, simply call Caleb for me and let me make it snappy for you to enjoy your beer in peace. I said. He stared at me from head to toe and angrily stood up from the chair to force me out. Curtis please don't do this, your brother asked me to come and see him. Please don't do this. I pleaded but he refused to listen. He pushed me out of the house in anger. I stood behind the gate in confusion. Just then, I saw a car driving towards the gate. Hey, what are you doing in front of the gate? Can't you hear the car's horn? The driver stopped, rolled the glass down and asked. It was Caleb's fiancee. Sister Afrakoma, please I am here to see Caleb, but Curtis chased me out. I responded. Is that the reason why you are blocking my way? Besides, what is it with you and Caleb? Why do you keep chasing him as if he is the one going to wipe your poverty? Just leave here before I get down from the car to give you dirty slaps. She yelled. I began walking away slowly and sadly. And hey, never call me Afrakoma, Caleb is the only person who can call me by that name. The next time you want to address me, call me Cally. That is if our paths will ever cross again. She added. I walked away to my room. Immediately I entered the room, my landlord came to knock. Kukua, your rent has expired about three months now, and you seem not to be bothered. Kindly let us know if you want to renew it. He said. Yes landlord, I really want to renew but currently, I have no money on me. I will look around and get something to settle it. I responded. Kukua, why do you have to look around when you have everything it takes to settle this debt with ease? He asked. Landlord trust me, I have nothing on me. Nothing at all. I responded sadly. Well, you can pay in kind. Just make up your mind and let's do this. He whispered Do what? Sleep with you? I screamed. Sssshhhh Kukua, bring your voice down. You are not sleeping with me, we are sleeping together. You are paying your rent, and I am also taking my rent. Yes, two years rent. He responded. Landlord, I can't do this, I can't sleep with a married man. I pleaded almost in tears. It is not about what you can or cannot do, it is about what you must. I give you tonight to get yourself prepared and call me for it tomorrow. He responded and walked away. God please, not again. Not a fresh trouble I can't handle. I soliloquised. I tossed on my bed thinking about how best I could get money to pay my rent but no one came in mind. Curtis and Afrakoma won't allow me see Caleb, what else should I do? I thought.

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