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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Before I could proceed, I saw tears spewing from Caleb's eyes too. Kukua, I am begging you in the name of God Almighty, never to call me Agyei because, I am not fit to cause someone this dying pain. Where did you go wrong? What did you do to deserve all these pain? Is poverty an offence? Since when did poverty become a deed to pay for? Caleb asked in a sad voice. Some weeks ago, I escorted my fiancee Afrakoma to the market, and I saw you busily selling charcoal. I bowed my head down on the steer, after I had parked the car to say a word of prayer for you. "God, I don't know so much about Kukua, but I pray you make her stress pay off someday. Bless her in Jesus' name." Kukua listen to me, if all things are lost, God is still up there for you. It will seem like he has abandoned you, but in reality, he hasn't. There is no victory without a war, no success without a test, and no break without any work done. So put it at the back of your mind that, all these stress is your work to God and humanity that will pay off someday. Agyei chose your friend over you, and that doesn't make her better than you. Agyei is a cheat right? That means he doesn't deserve a genuine person like you. There are some lessons you must take from this, and that is never entrust your happiness in human. Trust no one with your entire heart, but God. He is the only one who will never betray you. Kukua, you sell charcoal and so what? You are a laundress and so what? Your parents are no more and so what? Who was David, when God made him the king of Israel? God doesn't need any qualification from you before blessing you. He needs no number of years experience from you before offering you a job. His mercies are free and real. That is the kind of God we serve. Wipe your tears my sister, for there are miracles awaiting you. Caleb advised in a low voice. Thanks so much Caleb, thanks for this peace you've made me find this afternoon. I seek nothing but to be happy, and I know the God we serve, will grant it someday. I responded calmly. Caleb, you must get going, the sun is scorching too much. I added. What about you Kukua? What are you also going to do? He asked I want to walk for a while, I must get some clothes to wash. I have actually not made any sales today, and I must force. I responded. Kukua, what if I give you a job in my home? A catering job I mean. He asked. No Caleb, I can't belong in your home for the fear of your kid brother Curtis. I responded. Kukua, tell yourself you can, and indeed, you will. Curtis is just a kid, and I believe your presence can even teach him lessons that can get you paid. He explained. Alright Caleb, I will think about it. I responded. There is nothing to think about Kukua, I will be expecting you in my home tomorrow at 11am. Please don't disappoint me. He pleaded. I agreed and he gave me a drive to where I stay.

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