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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Emrys what's up with you and the person at the gate? Why are you talking to the person in anger? A familiar voice asked from the house. My guy, come and see some dirty thing who claims can make my dirty clothes clean. He responded. I stared at his face in sadness. Kukua the dirty thing. God why? Where have I gone wrong. I soliloquised. Emrys come on don't do that. You don't have to insult someone looking for a job. You know...... The person talked and walked outside What! Kukua, is that you? What are you doing here? It was Caleb. Caleb where in Gods name do you know this thing? Emrys stated unhappily. Emrys, please stop referring to her as a thing. The fact that she doesn't match your status doesn't mean she is less human. You might not be able to survive it if you find yourself in her status. That makes her stronger and unique. Unlike you who depends on your family's riches for survival, she depends on her own strength. Can't you see she is stronger and braver? Caleb responded almost in anger. I couldn't stand the heat of their argument, so I began walking away. Kukua please wait. Wait and let's talk. Caleb called but I was far gone. I was so tired of walking so I decided to take a rest behind somebody's house. Before I knew it, I was dozing. Seconds after, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I quickly woke up in fear. Sorry sir! Sorry for sleeping behind your house. I panicky pleaded. No Kukua, this isn't my house. I was driving from my friend's place and I saw you sitting here. It was Caleb. You scared me Caleb. Anyway I am tired and I decided to take some rest. I responded in relief. Kukua, I am sorry for my friend's unfriendly attitude towards you, please forgive him. He said Come on Caleb, I am fine. There is one thing I have come to understand in life, and that is, if you are poor, everyone sees you to be less human. They treat you anyhow, and expect you to be alright. Gradually, I am getting used to it, and I don't think it will hurt any longer. I responded sadly. Kukua please don't talk like this, life is always not going to be this painful. Please get up and let's go to my home and talk. He said. No Agyei! I can't. I screamed. Agyei? Who is Agyei? Caleb asked. Sorry Caleb, I mean you. I made a quick turn. Kukua, if you will not go to my house with me, then I suggest we talk here. Who is this Agyei who seem to have occupied your mind so much? Where is your fiance, the one I met with you the last time? And why have you grown so lean as if you've not been eating? He sat on the floor beside me and asked so many questions at the same time. Caleb, my burden is so heavy. As I speak to you, I have died a million times, and keeps dying every second. I never wanted to talk to you, because, you and your family are part of the rich world that has made the world a smaller place for poor people like me to comfortably live in. Fortunately through you, I have come to realise that, not all rich people are heartless. I have come to realise that, not all rich people look down on the poor. Stepping out of your car to sit beside me on this bare floor in this scorching sun is evident enough. I started. Caleb, forgive me if I call you Agyei. Agyei is the name of someone I so much trusted from infancy. Someone I loved with all my heart. Someone who once gave me a reason to live. Someone who supported my strength and weakness. Agyei is the name of my fiance you met me with the other day in my room. Unfortunately, this Agyei is the cause of all my tears today. He is the reason why I feel shade in this scorching sun. He is the reason why I am able to tolerate pain this much. The very reason why tears accompany food into my throat instead of saliva. Agyei is the name of my fiance who has dumped my poor self to marry my childhood friend. I narrated in tears. Before I could proceed, I saw tears spewing from Caleb's eyes too.

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