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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


No Kukua, you walking alone and talking to yourself. There is no Agyei here. The person responded and forced me into a taxi. I didn't know what happened until two weeks later, when I saw myself in chains. I was tied against a pillar at where I stayed. Afia, what is happening to me? Who tied me up? I screamed. Kukua, you better shut up and stay there. Why do you keep disturbing everyone's peace? Were we the ones who forced you to give your money to a man? She angrily responded. Afia, I may have been mad, sick or something, but no more. Please untie me. I screamed angrily. Immediately, all the tenants rushed out from their rooms. Kukua, are you sure you are not talking out of your madness? Are you sure you are fine? One of them asked. Don't mind her Kwadwo, how can she be fine when she hasn't taken any medicine? She is talking out of madness. Afia responded harshly. Afia, you are sounding as if this is what you've always wished for me. I don't blame you nor anybody standing here. I don't blame you for locking me up in chains instead of taking me to the hospital. I solely blame myself for allowing this to happen to me. You didn't force me to give my money to a man, love did. And remember, that is not the end of my life. I bitterly spoke. Kwadwo, please untie me and let me go into my room. I added. Quickly, Kwadwo untied me and I walked pass them into my room. I looked so dirty and emaciated. My hair was unkept and my mouth was smelling really bad. No one had had the time to bath me. Kwadwo, are you sure she is fine? Are you very sure? I overhead Afia asking. Afia, if she isn't, do you think she can talk sense like she just did? I believe she is alright. Kwadwo responded. Well if you say so. As for me, I won't have the strength and time to chase her when she runs back to the streets again. Just look at how the entire household has suffered for the past two weeks. Cleaning her faeces alone wasn't easy. Afia unhappily complained. But wait a minute, how can madness be cured without medication? Another person asked. Maybe it is by divine intervention. Let's all hope for the best. Kwadwo responded. God, so I have been mad for two good weeks? Oh Kukua, where did I go wrong? I thought in tears. My landlord brought me food and asked me to bath and take some rest. My daughter, sickness comes but do not leave us at a go, so please, don't stress yourself thinking about anything. Just eat the food, bath, and get some rest. He advised. Thank you daddy, God bless you. I shyly responded. Days passed, and anytime I went out, people kept pointing fingers at me. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. All my money was gone, I couldn't do the charcoal business any longer. I thought of moving from house to house to wash dirty clothes for those who needed my services. I began the job and it was moving a bit well. Sometimes, I made 10 cedis a day. I did the job for one month until someone told me to target the beautiful houses in the town for huge sums. Kukua, your job is tedious, and I suggest you visit the homes of the rich for bigger amount rather than the peanuts you earn. One of my neighbors suggested. I heeded to her advice, but of course, Caleb's house was out. I couldn't stand his kid brother's maltreatment. I thought. One day, after knocking at the gate of one of the beautiful houses, a gentleman came out. What do you want? Why are you knocking at the gate like a villager? He insulted. I am sorry sir, I only came here to search for a laundry job. Do you please have dirty clothes for me to wash? I asked. You are so disgusting! Even if I had dirty clothes, do you think a dirty person like you can wash it clean? He insulted. Emrys what's up with you and the person at the gate? Why are you talking to the person in anger? A familiar voice asked from the house.

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