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Tuesday, 14 August 2018


Instantly, my heart skipped. Kukua, why this face? What has happened to the money? Agyei asked. Agyei, some of the customers are owing me, and I'm hoping to get paid tomorrow. I lied. That's alright. I will wait then. He responded. Early the next morning, I traveled to Buohia to see Edem as discussed earlier. I went straight to his house per our agreement the previous day. Welcome to my well to do home Kukua, as you can see, I lack nothing. Look at my big television and fan. Look at my electric iron and radio set. The only thing I am yet to buy is a fridge. Even that, I will buy it by the end of this very year. Edem bragged. Edem please, give me the money and let me leave here. I am begging you. I pleaded. I will be with you shortly. He stated and walked to his bedside. He hid behind the curtains for several minutes before coming out bare chested and in a tightening shorts exposing almost his manhood. Edem, why do you seem to be punishing me? If you don't have the money, why don't you tell me? I asked unhappily. He sat down beside me and crossed his legs. Kukua, whatever I do, I do it for the love I have for you. As if by magic, I have never loved anyone like you. He spoke. Before he could land with his words, Agyei walked into the room. Quickly, I stood up. Agyei, what are you doing here? How did you find me here? I asked in shock. Kukua, your cup is so full. How have I offended you? Is this the market you told me you were going to? Kukua, you are so wicked to travel to another town without my notice. Eeeeiii women!!!!! Agyei angrily spoke. Agyei please calm down. It isn't what you think. I pleaded. Tell me what it is then! Tell me your mission in another man's room. Kukua, tell me what you are doing with another man in his almost naked state. Agyei yelled. Edem please tell him why I came here! Please tell him I came to borrow money. I screamed in tears. Agyei, listen to me, I only came here to borrow money for your fees. The money I have isn't enough. I explained. You came to sleep with him for money or borrow money? I doubted this Edem guy when he called to brag to me that, he has been fucking you every now and then, so I should forget about marrying you. I doubted him when he called me not long ago to tell me you are currently in his arms. I doubted Sarah, when she called to recently tell me that, you are a cheap spoilt girl, and that, I should dump your sorry ass. Kukua listen to me, I can't marry a harlot like you! Agyei angrily screamed and walked out on me. In an excruciating heart pain, I turned to look at Edem in tears. Edem, so you set me up for the little help I needed from you right? Do you realise I am a loner? Edem, do you realise I have been dinning with pain since I was born? Do you realise, everyone hates me including nature? Why then did you decide to take away my only hope? How do you expect me to survive? I asked in tears. Kukua I'm sorry for the pain, but I only did this to have you to myself. Please forget about Agyei and come to me. He responded. If your definition for love is to cause me pain, then I am disappointed in love. If you couldn't win my heart without hurting me, then you are too weak to be called a man. Yes Edem, you are the most weakest desperate infatuated person I've ever seen. I am stronger than you. Yes I am! When I lost my parents, I didn't curse nature. When I got expelled from school, I didn't retaliate the actions of those behind it. When I lost all hope, I never gave up on the future. Edem, that is how stronger I am. My name is Kukua, the only innocent lady of all guilts. The only person whom God has decided to punish for no reason. I lamented in tears and began walking out of the room. Just then, a lady walked in. Wow Edem, I thought as much! I knew you were fucking this bitch! When I asked you, what did you tell me? That, she is just a charcoal supplier, what then is she doing here? She screamed. Calm down Mercy, you know I can't cheat on you. Edem responded shamefully. Kukua is rather the one pestering me with sex because she wants me to give her money. He added. I looked on in so much pain and tears. I decided to walk away to avoid more embarrassments. Just when I tried stepping out, Edem's girlfriend held my dress and pushed me so hard against the wall. My head hit the wall really bad. I tried escaping but when I got to the door, I saw myself going down on the floor. Kukua! Kukua! What is happening to you? Edem screamed and run to hold me.

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