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Friday, 10 August 2018


I prayed till late in the night when the ladies returned from campus. They expected me to confront them, but I didn't. I remained so calm in tears and pain. Sarah, I hope your charcoal seller is not dead oooo. The way she is lying down like a corpse scares me. Mina teased. She will definitely die, if not today, but someday. Carrying a load that is heavier than you is an automatic suicide. Sarah teased back. Sometimes I don't understand some guys. What at all does this smelling wretch has to offer them? Sacrificing his handsome self for a futureless person. The other lady responded. They insulted me till they got fed up. The next day after class, I was called into one of the tutors office. Kukua, are you aware you are very beautiful? Who is the lucky guy who is servicing this body? The young teacher asked. Sir please, can we go straight to the reason why you called me here? I asked unhappily. The reason is simple beautiful Kukua, I want you to be my partner. I want us to be intimate. He bluntly responded. Sir, what benefits will I derive from being intimate with a married man like you? I unhappily asked. A lot my baby. I will give you money and better grades for free. He responded. The ring on your finger tells your marital status, so how are you going to do this? I inquisitively asked. Kukua, it's as simple as anything. Look around you, we are alone here. We can fuck in this office anytime we want to. He responded. Sir, I am not one of those ladies who help married men to render their vows useless. I am Godly and virtuous. I can't do this. I responded and walked out on him. Hours later, I saw him talking to Mina in front of our classroom. Mina confronted me afterwards in anger. Kukua, is it true that you walked out on Mr Kwakye after he proposed to you? She asked. And how does that affect your studies Mina? I asked almost in anger. You are so primitive. A cottage queen! That's what you are! She insulted. Kukua, do you know the number of women who are willing to share a bed with him? Do you? Or you think you are better than any of us who are crushing hard on him? You are so stupid. She insulted the more. Mina, if you want him, just go for him and leave me in peace. I have a fiance, and I am contempt with him. I responded. A fiance who has lost trust in you? Well Kukua, it is either you pack out of this room in your so called peace, or you leave this campus, and never to come back. She threatened and walked out on me. Days later, our seniors assigned duties for us in the various tutors quarters. Since I was in the same room with Sarah and co, we were giving the same place to scrub. They lazied about whiles I did the entire work. I hurried with it and went to the dinning hall for my food. Whiles in the dinning hall eating, there was an emergency announcement that, there has been a theft case, and all the hostels were going to be searched. Sarah walked to my table and whispered into my ears. "Let's see how you escape this one". Immediately, the spoon fell from my hand. Sarah come back here! What is that supposed to mean? I screamed. Before I could scream some more, she was long gone. I hurried out of the hall to the hostel. God, please save me from this set up. I prayed as I searched for whatever it is she was threatening me with.

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