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Friday, 10 August 2018


Instantly, the items fell from Agyei's hands. Who in God's name are you? Who sent you! I screamed in pain. Cut the pretence Kukua, everyone on this campus know the two of you to be lovers. Remember I asked you the last time why you are dating almost every guy on campus, and you bluntly told me Agyei is a mere Senior High school leaver who doesn't match your current education status. Anyway, your cup is full today, let's see how you defend yourself. Sarah alleged and walked away with her pathetic friends. Kukua, thanks for embarrassing me before this your charcoal brother, it is over between us. The guy also stated and walked away. Agyei, please listen to me. Whatever you heard right now is a set up. I don't know any of them and I don't know their reasons for doing this. I confusedly explained. Kukua, please hold my hand and help me find a place to sit. I feel dizzy. Agyei responded in a low tone. My throat was bitter. Tears started dropping off my cheeks as I walked Agyei to one of the vacant seats. Agyei I'm sorry, but it is not what you think. Somebody is setting me up. I know none of the accusers. I explained. Kukua, I am going through pain right now, and I even lack the strength to think straight. In all these, forgive me if I have done anything to warrant this pain I'm going through. Agyei responded sadly Kukua, if love is a mistake, I am sorry for causing it. I didn't mean to barge into your privacy, I only came to tell you that, the business is doing great and I've been able to gather your next semester fees. I came to tell you that, the house is empty without you. And I also came to tell you that, in spite of the pressure my family is giving me, I've been able to choose you still. Kukua, I brought your favourite food because I know, you will by now be hungry. I also brought you 50cedis for upkeep. Just take care of yourself, and remember, there is a man out there called Agyei, who is doing everything humanly possible to make you the happiest woman. Please and please again, don't make my enemies laugh at me. Cheating on me, is like a nail on my coffin, so painful and goodbying. He spoke bitterly. Agyei please it isn't true, I am innocent, please understand me. I pleaded in tears. My love, I have never cheated on you, and will never cheat on you. Think through this, and remain faithful to at least, save me from shame. Agyei spoke in tears without listening to me. Heaven is my witness Agyei, I have never thought of cheating on you, talk of doing it. Please believe me. I explained in tears too. Kukua, I have had enough for today, and I think I must leave now to take some rest. He stated and began walking away. Agyei please come back! Don't leave me like this! Please!!!! I pleaded in tears as I followed him to the gate. The security man didn't allow me out of the campus. I stood at the gate in tears, watching my Agyei walk away in tears too. I went back to gather the items he brought for me, and walked to the school's orphanage home. I saw the homeless orphans playing on the park and walked to one of them. Hello, my name is Kukua and yours? I asked one of the younger ones. My name is Peace, I am 10 years old, I am in class five. Madam Cecilia is my favorite madam and rice is my favorite food. She recited kidly. Peace, thanks for letting me know you. Now listen to me, I am supposed to be part of you in this home, but unfortunately, I am not. That makes me a loner and a sufferer. I need some peace in my life, a little smile to keep my life going. I therefore brought you these items to buy some peace and happiness into my life. Take these items, and let the meaning of your name reflect in my life. I explained almost in tears. Auntie Kukua, you said you are supposed to be here with us, but it shouldn't be so. Those of us here do not have biological parents. We were told that, our parents are dead. The little girl narrated. Peace, my parents are dead too, but I am not here. You are lucky to have second parents looking after you. Something I lack. I explained. Sorry auntie Kukua. One more thing auntie, madam Cecilia once told me that, peace cannot be bought. She said that, the only time a person can be happy and peaceful is when she is living a righteous life. Because of that, when my friends offend me, I don't retaliate, I forgive them and say a prayer for them. Please when you go home, do same. Pray for all those who offend you and you will have peace and happiness. The little girl advised. I couldn't believe my ears. This girl is so witty. I thought. Thank you so much for your advice. One day, if I find peace and happiness, I will come for you so that we enjoy it together. Take care Peace. I responded. I hugged her so tight and gave her the items. I walked back into the hostel and laid on my bed in tears and prayers. I have learnt something new today, never to retaliate for an offence, but rather forgive and pray. God Almighty, hear my cry for help. I have lost everything, and the only person I cannot afford to loose is Agyei. Wherever he is, console him for me, and make him believe whatever I told him. I prayed till late in the evening when the ladies returned from campus.

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