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Friday, 10 August 2018


God have mercy! Is this how Sarah is going to mock me with other people? I thought in pain. Sarah, I least expected you to call me this kind of name. At least, not here. I responded unhappily. Spare me the emotions and tell me how you managed to be here. Did you win a lottery? She cheekily asked. That is none of your business Sarah, what matters is I am here with a rich lady like you. That makes us all humans. I responded angrily. How dare you talk to me that way, you lunatic! I should have known you were jealous of me. I should have known poverty will someday make you go mad like it has just did. Sarah insulted. Hold it girls! What is wrong with you? We've been in this room for almost a week without problems, so why now? A lady called Mina asked. That question should be directed to the intruder standing there. Sarah responded. Madam, who are you and what do you want here? Mina asked me. My name is Kukua Nancy, I gained admission into this school and when I reported, I was shown into this room as my hostel. I narrated. So, because you were shown into this room, you think you can walk in here and disturb everyone's peace right? Anyway, why were you shown into this room? Who are your parents, and what work do they do, because the last time I checked, this room is supposed to be occupied by daughters of rich men. Mina spoke pain through my spine. Madam, my fiance paid for my accommodation so I wouldn't know how come I am shown into this room. Secondly, my parents are late but when they were alive, they were ambassadors for fairness. I don't have money, and it is not as if I won't have any. Someday, destiny will smile at me, and I won't need callous people like you to dictate to me how life should treat me. I responded almost in tears. Kukua or whatever you call yourself, I can see guts in a pan on your head. The rest of the semesters is going to be interesting. Just brace yourself. Another lady said. I gave them deaf ears and went ahead to occupy one of the empty beds. They mocked me all they could, but I refused to pay attention to them. My stay on campus became very difficult since I had no money to feed. I made the dinning hall my second hostel. I would wait for all the students to go for their food, before going for mine in order to beg for more. On a visiting day, I sat under one of the trees wishing my parents were alive. An hour later, I heard my room mates talking from a distance. My goodness, look at that handsome guy coming. He is so hot! Wow! Mina exclaimed. I can't believe my eyes! Mina, that is the guy I talked to you about. I can't believe he's here. Sarah responded. I still refused to turn to watch who it was to avoid their anger. Hello Agyei, is that you? How did you know I am here? Sarah exclaimed happily. On hearing Agyei's name, I hurriedly turned to satisfy my curiosity. Agyei gave them a half smile and responded; Sarah, I didn't even know you are here. I only came to see my fiancee. Come on Agyei, if Kukua can be here, why can't I? Anyway, who is this lucky fiancee of yours? Sarah stupidly asked while Mina kept staring at Agyei seductively. What kind of question is that Sarah? You and I know Kukua is my fiancee. Agyei responded in shock. Kukua? The Kukua I know? The Kukua who has been sleeping with almost all the guys on this campus? The Kukua who snatched my friend's fiance a week ago? Is that the Kukua you are talking about? Sarah alleged. I hurriedly walked to the scene. Sarah, were you referring to me or another Kukua somewhere? You didn't know I was seated right behind you, so you decided to defame my character and go free right? Well, I am here now, spew the nonsense again and let me hear you. I stated angrily. What is happening between you two? Kukua, I know you two to be good friends, why then is she saying all these ill things about you? Agyei unhappily asked. Agyei, if you think I am just talking ill about her, wait until you hear from my friend. Just stand here and wait for me to call her. Sarah stated and walked away. Kukua, this is not necessary, I know she is lying. Please let's find a place to sit and talk, I miss you. I even brought you some provisions and your favourite food. Agyei stated. No Agyei, I want us to wait for Sarah to bring her evidence. She can't insult me for free. I insisted. Kukua, do you think I believe her? I know she is telling lies. It's past five minutes and she has not returned. She is gone to hide her shameful face. Agyei responded. When we finally began walking away, we heard Sarah calling Agyei from behind. Agyei wait! My friend is here! They walked faster to us. Mr, is this your fiancee? A lady I have never seen on campus asked Yes, she is my wife to be. How may we help you? Agyei asked. I want you to please plead with her to leave my fiance alone for me. The pain she is causing me is unbearable. The lady pretentiously responded. Madam whoever you are, I have known Kukua for years and I know what she is capable of doing and what she is not. If someone has taken or stolen your fiance, then, it isn't the Kukua I know. Agyei responded angrily. Before he landed, an unknown guy also came into the scene. Kukua, I have been searching the entire campus for you. What the hell are you doing here with another man? The guy angrily asked. Excuse me! Do I know you? I asked in anger. Kukua are you mad? What has come over you? Why are you denying me before your friends? Or is this your brother the charcoal seller you talked to me about? He asked angrily again. Instantly, the items fell from Agyei's hands.

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