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Friday, 10 August 2018


My heart began to beat faster. What is it Agyei? Are you traveling? I asked. Before my Agyei could utter a word, tears started spewing from his eyes. Kukua, my father has disowned me. He says I should quit my relationship with you or he won't see me through school. He narrated. God of Isreal! Agyei this is becoming serious. And what did your mother also say? I asked in tears too. She supported my father's decision Kukua. I don't even know what to do? I am so hurt. He responded. Agyei, please don't be offended, but I suggest you go back to your parents. I said. What is that supposed to mean Kukua? Going back to my parents means I have accepted to break up with you, which I can never do. Kukua, just look into my eyes and tell me what you see. If you see something lesser than true love, then, you didn't stare into my eyes with love. Love besees love. Kukua, my heart beats for you every other second. Food without you as my taste bud is tasteless. Life without you as the air I breath, is lifeless. Nobody feels what I feel, but I swear, what I feel is stronger than death. Kukua, if you ever think I am going to leave you, then God punish your brains. If you ever think I can live without you, then God punish nature. You are my yesterday, today, and eternity. The only woman who is capable of making the world a better place. Kukua, look around you and tell me who can ever be like you. You are so unique. Your pain is different, so is your happiness. Your dream is different, so will be your testimony. Life is not life, unless it is lived with you. People call you Kukua, but I call you Unique. People call you Kukua, but I call you Destiny People call you Kukua, but I call you perfect. My children will call you mother, but I will call you wife. If this is a battle, don't consider yourself alone at the warfront. We will fight together and win together. School can wait, but my love for you cannot. Do you want my heart to curse me? Do you want my unborn kids to be mad at me? If the answer is no, then accept me into this home and let's hustle together. Kukua, I want us to sell the charcoal together. I want us to either be rich or poor together. Agyei spoke with so much passion. I groped the air to stop my tears from flowing, but it didn't. I wept with love and pain at the same time. Kukua, please stop crying and talk to me. Am I welcome in your home? He asked. Agyei, even if you want me to sleep outside and give you this house, I will. I have accommodated you in my heart, how much more my home? When I listen to music, the lyrics is you. When I read stories, the protagonist is you. When there is any war, the hero is you. Who will ever reject a man like you? Thanks so much for making me enviable among other women. Thanks a lot for loving me in spite of the stoppable. God bless you. I responded in a mixed feeling and tried carrying one of the bags into the room. Stop it Kukua, how many times should I warn you not to lift heavy items? Don't you know it is going to affect your health? Agyei yelled unhappily and took the bags from me. We stayed together happily for months, until the time for school approached and Agyei received his admission letter into the nursing training school. Agyei, I am worried, I wish you could be in school. I stated. Kukua please, don't stress yourself up. The right time will come. Currently, there is no money, and you know that. He dismissively responded. There is money Agyei. I have saved enough for your admission fee. I responded And what about the subsequent fees? How do I pay them? He asked. Agyei, I want to sell this house at a cheap price and rent another one somewhere, whiles I use the rest of the money to support you through school. I explained. Brilliant idea Kukua! If you can do all these for me, why don't you do it for yourself? How better am I done you? He responded sarcastically. Listen to me, it is my duty to cater for you, and if I can't, I don't expect you to force yourself to do what you cannot. He added. Agyei please, do this for me. Do this for the love we share. I want this charcoal business to put haters to shame. I pleaded. Kukua, the charcoal business is yours and not mine. I only came to support you to make it big. It will belong to us if we achieve our aim of making something meaningful out of it. I rather want you to put your enemies to shame. I want you to use the money for school. He insisted. Agyei, I didn't buy the forms, how do you expect me to go to school? I asked. My love, the truth is, I bought a teacher's training college forms for you. Your admission letter came before mine, but I hid it to prevent you from being sad since there is no money. He explained. This is unbelievable! Agyei! Did you have to do that? I exclaimed happily. We both agreed for me to start schooling whiles Agyei continues with the charcoal business to support my fees. Preparation was made and I packed up my bags to the school, but before then, I passed by Sarah's home to inform her. Good morning mummy, please is Sarah home? I asked. How do you expect the daughter of a rich man to be home when time is up for school? She responded. I'm sorry mummy, I only came to inform her, I've also gained admission to go to school. I responded. And what money are you going to use to pay for the fees? Kukua or whatever you call yourself, if you happen to meet anywhere with my daughter in school, make sure you don't hover your charcoal self around her. I am warning you. She angrily cautioned. I have heard you mummy, sorry for getting you angry. I responded sadly and walked to the school. I was shown into my room and I met Sarah seated on one of the beds. Sarah, I didn't know I will meet you here. What are you doing here? Don't tell me you are my room mate. I screamed happily. I should be asking you that question madam charcoal seller. She teasingly responded. The other ladies burst into flames of laughter after hearing that name. God have mercy! Is this how Sarah is going to mock me with other people? I thought in pain.

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