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Friday, 10 August 2018


Who is dead Sarah? Why the tears? I panicky asked. Kukua, I'm hurting deeply. I don't know where I have gone wrong in this life. I simply don't know why nature is paying my good deeds with excruciating pain. She responded sadly. Sarah, you've still not said anything. Pull yourself together and tell me what I need to know. I said. Kukua, I caught my fiance Kwame and another woman in bed last night. I have wept throughout the night and I don't know what else to do than to commit suicide. She explained. Suicide? Sarah what has come over you? Have you so soon forgotten that you have a purpose in this life? Your father has toiled so hard in his police profession to cater for you, and here you are talking like the daughter of some loser. I responded unhappily. What else can I do Kukua? You and I know how much I love Kwame. Do you expect me to allow another woman to take my position? She asked. That other woman took your position long ago before you caught them red handed. If a man sees beauty and satisfaction in another woman other than his own woman, then, that man has moved on in life without you. The best you can do right now is to be strong, and move on too. I know it isn't easy, but you ought to do this for your future sake. I advised. Kukua, just look at you, look at how men are dying for you. Why can't I get at least one man to like me? Why? She complained bitterly. Sarah, it is no achievement if men like you? It is rather award winning if you get one genuine and true man like Agyei to love you. Stop cursing the bitter yesterday and pray for a better tomorrow. I advised again. I continued to console Sarah for days. One afternoon when I visited her in her home, I met her with the mother in their rich, well decorated sitting room. Good afternoon mummy and daughter. I greeted. Good afternoon future best charcoal seller, how are you? The mother teasingly responded. Future best charcoal seller? Does this woman think I am going to sell charcoal for my entire life? I thought quickly. Kukua, why are you still standing, please have a seat. Sarah interrupted my thoughts. Mummy please I didn't understand the name you used on me right now. I stated sadly. Come on Kukua, don't sound as if mummy has insulted you. She only complimented your efforts. Sarah responded. Kukua, sorry if you are offended by what I said, but truth be told, I don't see you furthering your education in the near future. Your parents are no more, and this charcoal business cannot take you through any tertiary institution considering the amount involved. Sarah's mother explained. My daughter is ready for school anytime, any day, because his father has saved enough towards that. She added. Mummy, in everything, God is the answer. I can't sit here and condemn myself because of my current situation. Joseph was a slave in a foreign land, but God had his own way of blessing him. Going to school might not be today nor tomorrow, but it definitely be someday. I responded unhappily. Enough of this school talk Kukua, let's talk about something else. Sarah interrupted quickly. How is Agyei? Is he still treating you like a queen? She asked. I giggled for seconds. I must get going now Sarah, he might by now be waiting for me at home. I responded and stood up to leave. Not so fast Kukua. Listen to me like you would have done to your mother, Agyei will never marry you considering your background. His parents are my bosom friends and they have told me a lot about how they are ready to do anything humanly possible to stop their son from going out with you. Sarah's mum cautioned. Thanks mummy for the advise, I must get going now. I responded and walked out. Sarah escorted me to the gate. Sarah, I never knew your mother didn't like me. This is the second time she is behaving this way towards me, and I am deeply hurt. I complained. Kukua, I don't see anything wrong with the advice mum gave you. Besides, the truth can never be hidden. I have told you to forget Agyei and accept Edem's proposal. I see a future between you two. She responded. Thanks for your advice Sarah. I'm glad you've recovered from your heartbreak, I think I should take a break from coming to visit you. Have a good day. I stated. Kukua, are you walking out on me because my mum and I advised you? Sarah unhappily asked. No Sarah, I am walking away because I ought to. Being friends with someone who belittles your efforts is disheartening, and I can't contain it any longer. I bluntly responded. Go to hell Kukua! You can choose to think whatever, but the truth will forever be. Jeeeezzz, what was I even thinking, when I befriended a low life bitter recalcitrant person like you? Well, it is never too late to let you know that this friendship is over! Sarah spoke harshly and walked out on me. I looked on almost in tears. What did I do wrong by registering my displeasure for the humiliations both mother and daughter have been giving me? Well, it is her decision, and I can't change that. I believe she will come around when she's calm. I thought sadly and walked home. When I got to the house, I met Agyei seated in the compound with his face buried in his palms and his two big bags beside him. My heart began to beat faster. What is it Agyei? Are you traveling? I asked.

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