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Friday, 10 August 2018


I held my mother's dead body in tears till Agyei and my family members entered the room. They all burst into tears when they saw my mother's lifeless body. We wept for so many minutes. The family sat down after few days of my mother's demise and planned the various dates for the final funeral rites. Two months afterwards, my mother was laid to rest. Life was simply not easy, but with the help of Agyei and my bosom friend Sarah, I managed to smile sometimes. I took over the charcoal business and began selling like my mother would do. The business was moving gradually and I was glad to be saving something towards my education. Edem at the other side of my life kept pestering me with the marriage proposal and I decided to talk to Sarah about it. Sarah, that man called Edem is really getting on my nerves. What at all does he want from me? Am I the only lady in this town? I complained. I am even surprised Kukua. He keeps chasing you, as if he is under a spell. Sarah responded. What do I do now Sarah? I don't want his constant stalking to cause any problems between Agyei and I. I stated. Kukua, why don't you give him a chance? Sarah asked. A chance? A chance for what? Sarah, have you forgotten Agyei and I are preparing to get married? Have you? I responded in disappointment.Kukua I know, but truth be told, I don't think Mr and Mrs Agyei will allow their son to marry you. Let's face reality. Sarah spoke. Thank you for the advice my good friend, but I will want you to know that love is stronger than anything. Love conquers all. I confidently responded. Anyway, I must get going now. Make the best sales today, we need more money to go to school next year. Sarah stated and left me alone in the market. Not long after she left, Edem walked to me. Hey beautiful Kukua, how are you faring? Sorry I couldn't attend your mum's funeral, I traveled. He explained. That is no problem Edem, not everyone will be available for me when I need them. I responded. Don't talk like that my future wife, I will forever be there for you. It's just that... He tried speaking. Hold it right there Edem! Don't you ever refer to me as your future wife! Do you know what it takes to be a husband? Do you? I angrily cut in. Kukua, what else can I do? I've been trying my best but you don't seem to notice. Anytime I see you carrying these heavy charcoal, I buy them. What else do you want me to do? He unhappily asked. Edem, if you think love resides in charcoal buying, then I'm very sorry. I simply hate your style of proposal. Archaic and immatured. I spoke harshly. Just then, a lady walked to us. Edem, I've been looking everywhere for you and here you are comfortably conversing with this girl. She said. I turned to stare at her face and why she would refer to me as a girl. Eeeerrrmmm, please go and wait for me at the shop, I will be with you soon. Edem quickly responded. Edem, what exactly are you doing here? Who is she? The lady asked. Are you blind? Can't you see I'm buying charcoal? I say go and wait for me at the shop. Edem yelled. Buying charcoal today too? What happened to the plenty charcoal leaning against the wall in the kitchen? Are we going to cook them? The lady disrespectfully bantered. Instantly, Edem slapped her so hard. The next time you challenge me in public like this, you will see what I will do to you. He warned. I quickly stood up to intervene but the lady pushed me aside and walked away in tears and anger. Edem who is she? I asked. That's my sister honey. Sorry I didn't mean to embarrass myself before you. He responded. Well, you just did. Please start going, I don't want any trouble. I unhappily responded. I'm sorry once again Kukua, I will see you later in the evening when I close from my shop. Please reserve one bag of charcoal for me. He responded shamefully and walked away. Wow! Look at the kind of man who wants to marry me. A man who assaults women even in public. Over my dead body! I vowed. I hurriedly carried the rest of the bags of charcoal on my head and walked through the market to sell. Fortunately, a good Samaritan bought them and I hurried back to pick my items home. Later in the evening when I returned from the market, I met Agyei waiting for me in my house. He helped me offload the rest of the charcoal. Kukua, bath and come, I will be here waiting. He said. No Agyei, I have to prepare something for supper. I will bath when I'm done. I responded. Kukua, I insist you bath before. He stated. I went ahead to bath with my head full of thoughts. Why is Agyei particular about my bathing this evening? What is his reason? Minutes after bathing, I walked out to join him in the room. Kukua, stay here and close your eyes, I will be back. He sated and walked out. I sat down nervously till he returned. Kukua you can open your eyes now. I hurriedly opened my eyes and I couldn't believe what I saw. Agyei had prepared jollof rice and chicken for me. What! Agyei, what is today's date? Is today Christmas? I exclaimed. Kukua, today must not be Christmas before you eat jollof rice and chicken. Please stop asking questions and let me feed you. He responded unhappily. Agyei, I wish my mother was here to enjoy this food with me. I promised preparing some for her this coming Christmas, but she couldn't live to witness it. I stated sadly. Kukua, I at least expect you to be happy, rather than sad. If I knew preparing this food for you would cause you more pain, I wouldn't have done it. Agyei unhappily complained. I am sorry my love, please go ahead and feed me. I responded. Agyei fed me till I was full. He told me funny jokes and stories. I laid down on his laps till sleep carried me away. I woke up very late in the night to see myself on the bed covered with a cloth. I can't believe Agyei lifted me unto this bed. He is such a strong man. I thought happily. Early the next morning, I heard a knock on my door. It was Sarah in tears. Who is dead Sarah? Why the tears? I panicky asked.

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