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Friday, 10 August 2018


Kukua who is that? I hope it isn't one of my creditors? Mother whispered in fear. I boldly walked out to meet the person and it was Mrs Agyei. Where the hell is your mother? She yelled. Agyei quickly came out from the room on hearing his mother's voice. Mum what are you doing here? He asked. I am here to warn these witches not to entertain you in their home because you don't belong here. She responded angrily and forced her way into the room to talk to my mother. Agyei tried his best to stop her but the woman was as strong as the wind. Besiwaa or whatever you call yourself, you can pretend to be sick for all I care, but I am here to warn you and your daughter to stay away from my son. I will never allow my son to marry your daughter. Mrs Agyei spoke on top of her voice. My sister, please exercise patience. Kukua and Agyei are old enough to know what they want. Mummy struggled to talk. It's a lie! Besiwaa, your poverty lifestyle will not be entertained in my home! I won't watch you to kill my son with poverty like you did to your husband! Mrs Agyei yelled. Agyei tried to intervene but his mother pushed him aside and screamed all she could. I couldn't control my tears from flowing. I couldn't stand how my mother's fellow woman was spewing words of pain to her because of poverty. I expected my mother to say something when the woman was still ranting, but there was total silence from her. I turned to stare at her on the sick bed, and I realized she had closed her eyes. I got closer, and she was foaming from the mouth. Mother! Mother! What is happening to you? I tried waking her up. My mother's body was so frozen. She was not breathing, and her heart had stopped beating. I began to sweat. Somebody talk to me! What is happening to my mother? I screamed. Agyei held her too and began shedding tears. Kukua, your mother is dead. He pronounced. Mrs Agyei's jaw dropped with shock. I stood up, and took few steps towards her. Mrs Agyei, go ahead! Go ahead and insult my mother. Tell her more of the painful words. Murder her soul as well with your harsh words. You have her all to yourself now, she can no longer argue with you nor explain things to you, so go ahead and tell her everything on your heart. I lamented. Kukua please she is sorry! Please calm down. Agyei pleaded whiles his mother stood speechless. No Agyei she is not! Your mother walked in here to insult my mother to death. I did my best to put smiles on her face, and the best your mother could do was to make her die in pain. The last words she heard were insults. What did she do to offend you? What? I talked in pain. Mrs Agyei shamefully broke her silence. Your mother deserved every word I spewed to her. I don't regret anything. Agyei, follow me and let's go home! I won't leave you with a poor corpse. Mummy, you are a woman and I expect you to behave as such. Just put yourself in Kukua's shoes and feel what she is feeling. She is here talking but her spirit is dead as well. A young girl like her has lost her mother minutes ago and I expect you to be a mother to console her instead of causing her more pain with your words. Agyei spoke with bitterness. I give you five minutes to meet me at home. Mrs Agyei stated and walked out on us. I went back to sit beside my mother. Agyei please go home. Go and let me be with my mother. I want to ask her why she has chosen to cause me this pain. I want her to tell me how I am going to survive. There are questions my mother must answer. I spoke in tears. Kukua please don't do this to yourself. Let's go and call your uncles. They must be informed. Agyei pleaded. I am not going anywhere. I will sit right here till I get answers from my mother. I insisted in tears. After several minutes of failed persuasion, Agyei walked out of the room in tears to go and call my family members. Mother, we are left alone, now tell me why you chose to leave me like this? Tell me how you expect me to enroll in school without your support. Just tell me how I am going to face Mrs Agyei for this love her son and I are sharing. When Papa died, you told me you cannot forgive him for leaving us behind. Today, you are also gone and you expect me to forgive you? So you and Papa brought me into this world to punish me right? Where did I go wrong? Mother where? I held my mother's dead body in tears till Agyei and my family members entered the room.

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