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Friday, 10 August 2018


What is it? What has happened to my Agyei? I thought in fear as I attended to the call. Good evening mummy and daddy, please you sent for me. I greeted when I got to the house. Have a seat Kukua. Agyei's father offered. My husband, is that necessary? Does she have to sit down before you tell her your piece of mind? Agyei's mother harshly stated. Listen to me young girl, you've been a distraction to my son's life lately, and we are not liking it. What is your problem? Why do you have to hover over a man like a mosquito when he is not your husband? What do you seek to achieve? The woman spoke angrily. I am sorry for any inconveniences my friendship with Agyei is causing this family mum, but we are planning to get married someday. I humbly responded. Quickly the woman stood up on her feet. Over my dead body Kukua! From frying pan to fire! I will never allow my son to marry a poor girl like you who has nothing to offer this family. Get it straight into your thick skull. Mrs Agyei harshly spoke. Kukua, poverty is what everyone is fighting against in this life, and you don't expect my son to run into it in the name of some supposed love. I advise you to stay away from my son, I don't ever want to see you anywhere around him. Please don't compound our problems. Mr Agyei cautioned. I am sorry daddy, I wish I could stay away from your son, but.... I tried talking amidst tears. But what? Kukua, leave our presence with your poverty stinking self before I spray peeper into your eyes. You cursed witch! Mrs Agyei insulted on top of her voice. I hurriedly walked out of the house in tears. Immediately I got to the gate, I met Agyei entering our compound. I walked pass him in tears. Kukua, Kukua! Stop right there! Why the tears? What has happened to you? He asked worriedly. Agyei, my ears have heard pain and my eyes cannot withhold the tears. My heart bleeds and my throat is so bitter. My love, if poverty is a fault, then I am sorry for causing it. If it is a sin, I promise to repent. I lamented. Kukua where are all these words coming from? Why are you speaking with so much pain? Talk to me. Agyei responded with teary eyes too. Agyei, your parents have registered their unhappiness towards me in your life. They say they can't watch you fall a victim to poverty. They say I should stay away from your life. I narrated. Kukua, wipe those tears. The opinion of my parents doesn't matter. It is my life and I will choose who to be part. Please pull yourself together. Agyei consoled. Agyei, what are you doing over there? Come here at once! Mr Agyei instructed. Daddy, I want to ask you a simple question, did your parents choose my mother for you? Did they? Agyei disrespectfully questioned his father. How dare you talk to me that way you useless fool! If you dare me, I swear to disown you. Mr Agyei threatened angrily. Agyei, I must get going now. I don't want to cause more troubles. See you later. I stated and hurried back home. When I entered the house, I met my mother lying on the verandah. I quickly wiped my tears and rushed to talk to her. Welcome back mummy, why are you lying down this way? I asked. Kukua, I am not feeling well, I've been bitten by a snake. She responded in pain. Mother this is serious! Please get up and let's go to the hospital. I suggested in fear. No Kukua, the villagers have given me some herbs to help me get better. Just put it on fire and boil it for me to drink. She responded. Mother I don't believe in these herbs. Please get up and let's go to the hospital. I pleaded. Kukua, we can't use the little money we've saved to go to the hospital. That money is meant for your schooling. Even though it isn't enough, I am hoping to gather more to make sure you go to the training school. My daughter, it is my wish that the disgrace and embarrassments poverty has made us go through in this town is wiped someday. I want you to make me proud. Mummy responded sadly. Your wishes will come true mother. I will do everything possible to be whom you want me to be. I promised. Thanks my daughter. Now go and get me the medicine. She stated with smiles. I boiled the medicine for her, served her the food I had earlier prepared and gave her some of the medicine to drink. She struggled to eat a little. The following morning, mummy was so weak but she still refused to go to the hospital. I was sitting by her, trying to convince her when I heard a knock on the door. It was Agyei. Come in Agyei. I ushered. Good morning mummy and daughter. He greeted. Kukua what is it? Why this miserable face? He asked. I narrated everything to him and how mummy has refused to go to the hospital. Agyei also did his best to convince mummy but to no avail. Alright then, let me go to the pharmacy and get her some drugs. Agyei stated and walked out. Minutes later, he returned with some drugs. We gave the drug to her and she took it. Mummy held our hands together and began advising us. My son, as you know, Kukua is my only child. She has no father nor siblings. I am happy that, the two of you are this close. I want you to take a very good care of her. I want you to make me a promise never to hurt her. Mummy spoke almost in tears. Mother, you can count on me for the rest of your life. Kukua is my future wife and nothing can change that. Agyei responded. Mummy blessed us with words of prayers. We conversed happily till later in the evening when Agyei asked permission to go home. Immediately he stood up to leave, we heard someone screaming my mother's name in the compound. Besiwaa! Besiwaa! Come out here! Kukua who is that? I hope it isn't one of my creditors? Mother whispered in fear.

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