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Friday, 10 August 2018


If this is what education has for me, then I gladly accept to be an illiterate. This school has caused me too much pain. I thought in tears and began walking away. I carried my bags to the cemetery and sat on my mother's tomb in tears till evening. When I was almost home, I met Sarah's mother walking together with Mrs Agyei. Wait a minute, Kukua, is that you? Sarah's mother exclaimed. Yes mummy, it's me. Good evening. I greeted humbly. Why are you carrying your bags? Has school vacated? And if yes, where is my daughter Sarah? She asked. School hasn't vacated yet mummy, there is a little problem, and I have to come home till it is resolved. I responded. Hahahahhaha! Mrs Agyei burst into laughter. I knew it! I knew you will definitely come back home. I knew you will face challenges in that school. Kukua, my God is at work. What were you thinking? That, you will got free for taking my son away from me? For turning my son against me? Because of a witch like you, my son proudly sells charcoal in the market. This is just the beginning of your woes Kukua, your problems will outweigh you. Agyei's mother cursed. But Kukua, what at all is your problem? Why are you forcing yourself to fit into where you don't belong? Why are you forcing square pegs into a round hole? When you went to the school, didn't you see that, almost everybody had a mother or a father? Didn't you realise that, almost all the students are from a rich background? Anyway, whatever the problem is, I pray it never gets resolved, so that, you can rest in your poverty. Sarah's mother cursed. Thank you my mothers. May these curses you rained on me come true, if I have ever offended any of you, if not, may it return to where it just came from. I responded in pain and walked out on them. I walked sadly into the house, but I met Agyei's absence. I carried the bags into the room and came to sit on the veranda. An hour later, I saw Agyei entering the house. Kukua, is that you? He asked. Yes Agyei, its me. I responded in tears. He hurriedly hugged me and began talking. Kukua, I am so sorry for not bringing you enough pocket money, I was waiting for today's door to door sales before coming to the school tomorrow. I know you are here for money, thank God I made good sales in the morning. Wipe your tears and let me give the money to you. He talked and removed 20 cedis from his pocket for me. Kukua please take it and go back to school, I learnt you are in your revision week. He said. I stared at the money in tears. I wish I came for money. I wish I didn't waste your efforts. I thought. Kukua why are you still crying? Or is it about what happened the last time? Alright, I have forgiven you. Please wipe your tears and take the money. Or you want me to escort you to the school? He asked. Agyei, I'm sorry, I am so sorry for wasting your efforts. I am sorry for not being the school girl you wanted me to be. I'm sorry for being a school drop out. I lamented. What? Kukua, tell me you didn't say that? School drop out? Why? How? He asked. Agyei, I've been sacked from the school for no offence. I responded in tears. Instantly, he sat on the floor and began rubbing his head with his two hands. Kukua, you've killed me! Is this the price I get for working my ass out to see you through school? Kukua, what are people going to say? How do we face life with this rise and fall lifestyle? Oh Kukua!!! Agyei spoke in tears. Get up Agyei, please get up! It is no fault of mine, I didn't mean to hurt you. I was set up, Sarah and her friends set me up. I explained. Minutes later when Agyei was calm, he asked the full details of what happened. I took my time and explained everything to him. Kukua, the last time I came to the school, a man claimed you were his fiance, and today, you have been accused of sending romantic text messages to your teacher, which indeed is on your phone. Now, you are telling me everything is a set up. Kukua, my question is, what extreme offence did you cause your friends that they couldn't forgive you? Sarah has been your good friend and I don't know why she would go to this extreme of hurting you. Kukua, I am beginning to doubt you, because in every rumour, there is some truth. I am beginning to loose trust in you. Agyei analyzed and concluded. Not you Agyei! If anyone will doubt me, it shouldn't be you. You are my last hope, and I don't expect to loose you. Listen to me my love, I have never thought of, and will never think of hurting you. Why would I cheat on you? What else do I need? Agyei, I may lack the best words to convince you or vindicate myself, but please, pray over this for clarification. I explained sadly. I convinced Agyei for several hours, but it seemed not to have yielded any fruit. Days later, we began planning for another better life. Agyei, I suggest we save the money we are making from the business for your education next year. As for me, I am no longer interested in school. I suggested. I have been thinking about that too Kukua. There wouldn't be any harm if you become a house wife whiles I go to school and come back to take care of you. I am a man, and I think I can sail through the hustle on campus than you. He responded. But before then Kukua, we have to move out of this town. The kind of pressure my patents are giving me is troubling. And I know, it is going to intensify, now that you've been expelled from school. He added. We agreed and sold my parents bricks house cheaply and moved out of Buohia to another town called Praso. We kept doing the business till the following year, when Agyei gained admission into the nursing school. I single handedly traded to pay his fees. He refused to help me sell the charcoal anytime he was on vacation. I then decided to talk to him about it.

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