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Friday, 10 August 2018


Hours later, they returned from class. Sarah, Mina, Derby, welcome back from class. There is something I will like to talk to you about and I beg you to give me the audience. I began. Since I came into this school, I have never had any reason to smile. All because of some reasons I have no control over. No one wishes to be poor, poverty is a state not a choice. I know I don't fit into your class, but I at least expected you to treat me like human. I am not dead yet, and whatever you expect of me, I might be able to achieve. How nice it will be, if we all meet somewhere one day as old school friends who supported each other. Unfortunately, your hatred towards me has already murdered that future ecstasy. The insults were okay, so were the humiliations. You should have at least allowed me to endure those ones, rather than going to the extreme to set me up this way. Unlike you, my future lies in this school. If I am unable to make it here, I don't know where else I'm going to make it. Sarah, you know me from infancy, and you know how I have suffered to this stage. You know Agyei's current situation of despising his family to sell charcoal to make me somebody. How do you expect him to feel, if all his efforts go in vain? Even if I have not done anything for you, I was at least there for you when you were emotionally traumatized. I couldn't give you money nor food, but I gave you a friendly and sisterly heart that isn't easy to come by. I didn't expect a reward from you, but I also didn't expect ungratefulness from you. Mina and Derby, if you were told I am a bad person, you should have at least wasted a little time to observe me before drawing conclusions. Here I am today, awaiting a judgment I know nothing about. Thank you all, for the pain, the trauma and above all, the lessons. With you, I never drank common water with smiles. Your reward, is in the hands of my maker. I spoke with a wounded heart and walked out of the room. I slept in one of the classrooms that night, praying and hoping for a better fate. The next day, the entire students were assembled in the school's assembly hall as we always do every morning. After our usual activities of singing and praying, the principal was called to give announcements. I greet you all ladies and gentlemen. There is an unfortunate incident regarding one of you who tried seducing one of the teachers. She went to the extent of begging the teacher to sleep with her. He spoke. Eeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! The students chorused. Yes, as shocking and storying as it may seem, it is the truth, with concrete evidence. He added. Kukua Nancy! If you are here, come up here! He instructed. Instantly, I saw the earth running under my feet. I could see my mother standing before me in tears. I saw Agyei in tears too. It was as if I was having some kind of nightmare. Everything seem like a hallucination, unfortunately, it was a reality. I walked up to the stage with tears running faster on my face. Students, look at this innocent looking young lady, she is the victim of the talked atrocity. The principal spoke. Eeeeeiiiii charcoal!!!!!!!! Some of the students screamed in dismay. Today, we announce to you all, that, her presence in this school is a big disgrace. We therefore suspend her indefinitely. He pronounced. I bowed down my head in tears and pain. I've been sacked for a crime I know nothing about. And my God seem not to care. I thought. Kukua, what is your last message to this school and the entire student body? The principal asked and handed me the microphone. With a shaky hand, I took the microphone and began to smile in between my tears. No one has ever been like me, and no one will. Today is a day I will never forget. The day I received the most embarrassing award is the same day, I have been given the opportunity to talk to everyone of you. To me, it is a blessing in disguise, and I thank God for this day. We were all here, when I received an award for the quiz, but unfortunately, that award is giving an indefinite suspension as a reward. What an irony of life! Life comes with its own challenges, and we only fail if we surrender. I stand here today, as Kukua, the only guilty but innocent victim of atrocities. I am accused of breaking a home I have no idea of how it was built. Thanks to everyone who is behind it, no names calling. I have accepted every blame, because, the phone is mine, so is the number used to send the messages. Maturity is learning to take responsibilities for your actions. My action of winning a phone award is what has blessed me with this curse of expulsion. On this note, I say a very big sorry to the Kwakye family, the principal of this school and everyone gathered here for the disappointment I've caused you. Find a place in your hearts to forgive me. I spoke with a mixed feeling and handed back the microphone to the principal. The entire hall was as quiet and silent as the air. I walked slowly from the platform, to my seat. After we dispersed, the chapel prefect walked to me again. Kukua, people might have not understood your speech today, but I did. Whoever did this to you, will someday be rewarded. You might not belong here, but you definitely belong somewhere. Somewhere you will be much appreciated, somewhere you will find peace and happiness. Take heart and trust in the Lord our God. He advised. Thank you my brother. Thanks for preaching some peace into my heart. I responded and walked away. I went straight to my hostel to pack my belongings. I carried them on my head and walked slowly out of the campus. Fortunately, I met my roommates at the entrance. My sisters, like you've always wanted, I am leaving this school. I pray, my departure, brings you the happiness you've been looking forward to. I stated and walked pass them. After I stepped out of the campus with my bags on my head, I stood at the gate staring at it as if my life depended on it. If this is what school has to offer me, then I gladly accept to be an illiterate. This school has caused me too much pain. I thought in tears and began walking away.

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