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Friday, 10 August 2018


Life is indeed a war. I thought. Soon, days passed into weeks and we were in the revision week. I was in one of the classrooms learning, when one of my colleagues came to call me. Kukua, you are urgently needed in the principal's office. I simply don't know why a pauper like you won't for once stay out of trouble. She stated and walked away. Me? Troubles? What have I done? I thought. I hurriedly walked into the principal's office and I met Mr Kwakye and his wife comfortably seated in the sofa. Good afternoon sir. I greeted. Please you sent for me. I added nervously. Kukua, do you know this man sitting here? The principal asked. Yes sir. He is my tutor, his name is Mr Kwakye Ampong. I responded. What relationship do you have with him? The principal asked. No relationship apart from teacher student relationship. I responded. You are a lying bitch! God will punish you! Mr Kwakye's wife screamed angrily. Madam what have I done? I asked in shock. Mrs Kwakye please calm down, this problem will soon be dealt with. The principal stated. Kukua, do you have a mobile phone? If you do, call out the numbers to me. The principal stated. I quickly called the numbers to him in fear. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Now Mr Kwakye, please show her the messages and let's see if she can identity them. Principal stated. Mr Kwakye then brought out his phone from his pocket and showed me several messages sent to him with my number. Some of them read "Hello Mr Kwakye, you've been my crush since I gained admission into this school" "I wish I could just have a one night stand with you in your office" "Forget about your wife's smelling pussy and come taste my fragrance one" And so on and so forth. No no no no no! I am not the one behind these messages! I don't have any idea! There is a mixed up somewhere. I explained almost in tears. Kukua, did I hear you say mix up? Swear you don't have hand in these messages, just swear! Mrs Kwakye angrily screamed. Madam, I can't swear, because my Bible tells me not to. For it is written in Matthew 5:37 that "But let your yes be yes, and your no, no. From whatever is more than these, is from the evil one" I responded. You lie bad! You must swear or face my wrath! You dare call my pussy a smelling one, you must tell me in court where you smelled it. She spoke on top of her voice. Somebody help me! God what is it? Who did this to me? I screamed in pain and tears too. Kukua, you are surprising me with this fake attitude of yours! Since the day you gained admission into this school, you've been pestering me with sex. I remember you sometime ago walked into my office to seduce me, and when I tried to expose you, you threatened to blackmail me with rape. Now look at you, the evidence is clearly here, and you are busy denying it. Mr Kwakye alleged. I couldn't just stop weeping. Indeed, all evidence proves me guilty. How do I vindicate myself? I thought sadly. Kukua Nancy, this is a serious offence for a student to try to break the home of his or her tutor. Now listen to the poor woman, she is ready to sue you, and that is a bigger embarrassment to this school for not ensuring discipline among its students. The principal unhappily spoke. Go back to the class, you will hear from the school authorities soon. He added. I quickly knelt down before Mrs Kwakye in tears. I am sorry for all the pains you are going through madam, but I wish you could see beyond this evidence. My phone sent you the messages, I didn't. Since it is my phone, I ought to bear every consequence, but please, find it in your heart to forgive an orphan like me who is hated almost by everyone. I pleaded. Take your hypocrisy away! I don't ever want to see your miserable face anywhere around me. She yelled and kicked me with her leg. I walked to the hostel in tears and misery to check up on my phone, if indeed, the messages were on it. Lo and behold, everything was on sent items. Somebody did this to me. My room mates connived with Mr Kwakye to disgrace me. I thought in pain. I stared at the phone that has caused me this massive pain. I contested in a quiz, and I won. I was awarded this phone for my intelligence and hard work. Instead of it bringing me happiness, it is rather bringing me disgraceful tears. Kukua, will I ever be happy? I thought sadly as I sat down on my bed waiting to confront my room mates. Hours later, they returned from class.

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