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Friday, 10 August 2018


There was no money to buy another SIM card, so I kept it in my bag and decided to show it to Agyei on vacation. One afternoon when I returned from class, I couldn't find my phone. I asked my room mates but none of them seem to know its whereabouts. I decided to report it to our hostel mistress. I quickly changed into our house wear and began walking out. Kukua, where are you going to? Mina asked. Mina, I can't find my phone and I am going to report to the necessary authorities. I responded. Why don't you wait for a while? Let me talk to the dinning hall prefect to announce it when we go for lunch. She suggested. What difference will it make Mina? I suffered to get that phone, and I can't watch any lunatic to have it. I responded angrily. Kukua the charcoal girl, you can't insult anybody in this room okay? After all, how difficult were the quiz questions that earned you this phone? Spare us the nonsense brag and let's have our peace. Sarah insulted. The questions were not difficult, so you should have competed. What prevented you? I asked angrily. Because I wasn't desperate for a common mobile phone. My parents are responsible, they can get me one at anytime. She responded harshly. Her words pierced me painfully. I walked out on her and reported the issue to the mistress. She followed me to my hostel to conduct a search. Madam, its unfortunate you believe this liar here. We are all from a rich home, so why would somebody steal her phone? Sarah stated when we began the search. Madam, I suggest you search Kukua's bags first, probably, she has misplaced it. Mina suggested. The woman agreed and we began searching my bags. Seconds later, we found it in my purse. Kukua, how dare you waste my time? The mistress yelled angrily. I am sorry madam, I don't know how come it was found here instead of my bag. I responded. No wonder nobody on this campus want to befriend you. Poverty is making you mad! She insulted and walked out of the room. Mina and Sarah burst into uncontrollable laughter for the insults I just received. I sadly climbed up on my bed to rest my troubled heart. Life is not easy. My parents have done me a great harm for giving birth to me in poverty. I thought sadly. The next day, it was announced that, we had only 30 minutes to go outside campus to buy anything we want, since we were almost in the examination week. I didn't have money to buy anything nor pick a car to visit Agyei. Walking to and from the house will also be more than thirty minutes, which will attract a punishment. The only place closer was the cemetery where my parents were buried. I then decided to go there to talk to my them. Immediately I got there, I threw my miserable self on my mother's tomb. As if I was hugging her, I held the ground firmly. Mother, your daughter is here to talk to you. I have waited so long for your visit, but you never came. Indeed, death is cold and unfriendly. Well, let's do the catch ups. I am now a student as you wished. Agyei is still by my side as you wished, but unfortunately, happiness and peace to enjoy what we have always wished for, has eluded me. When I talked to a young orphan, she told me to forgive and pray. I have done that, but I keep hurting. Wherever you are mummy, if there is peace and happiness, send some to me. Just send me a little. I lamented in tears. I stood up and walked to my father's tomb too. Papa, like it has always been, I shy talking to you. I have told mother everything, and I hope she will tell you. I miss the two of you gossiping about me. I miss you bathing me. I miss you in my sickness and pain. I was given thirty minutes, and it's almost up. Have a nice stay and continue to rest with the Lord. I lamented and walked away. I got to the hostel in pain and misery. Common appetite to eat, was nowhere to be found. Life is indeed a war. I thought.

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