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Friday, 10 August 2018


God please save me from this set up. I prayed as I searched for whatever it is she was threatening me with. I fearfully lifted my bed, and there laid a wedding ring. I quickly picked it up and threw it through the window into the green grass. I then tiptoed back into the dinning hall. Minutes later, all the students were called to their various hostels for the search exercise. Every room was searched, but when it got to mine, Mr Kwakye and his team was bent on finding the evidence from my corner. They spent close to thirty minutes, searching my bags alone. When nothing was found, Mr Kwakye and his team walked away in disappointment. I wish I had a phone to call Agyei to explain to him the hell I was going through but unfortunately, I hadn't. Minutes later, Mina received a call. "Hello dear, I don't know why it happened that way. I know i have disappointed you but please forgive me. I promise to see you in your office tomorrow" She stated and hanged up. I prayed silently to thank my maker. Generally, I was performing academically well than anybody in my class. Those who believed in me, kept congratulating me, but those who believed in their riches, kept mocking my efforts. One day, there was a students organized inter classes quiz competition that had a mobile phone as its prize. Since I was desperate to own one, I decided to partake in it. My instincts told me to stop, but my eagerness to talk to Agyei every day, pushed me to compete. On entering the quiz hall on the day of the competition, almost all my mates began to hail me in an unpleasant manner. Charcoal! Charcoal! Charcoal! My self confidence depreciated drastically. My eyes were filled with tears but I still remembered what the little orphan told me "Forgive those who hurt you and pray for them" In a second, I bowed down my head and prayed. I walked onto the stage with my regained confidence and in a minute, the competition commenced. I answered every question with ease. It was as if I was part of the team that set the questions. When the results was tabulated, Kukua Nancy emerged the winner. I stared at the mocking crowd in tears. Even the second and third persons were hailed by their friends, but nobody bothered to say a word to me. Simply because I am poor. Simply because I sell charcoal. Simply because my parents have never visited before. Simply because I sleep in the same room with my enemies. I took my prize and began walking out of the hall. The school's chapel prefect stopped me at the entrance. Kukua, I know how you feel right now. Even in your success, you still feel pain, but remember, if all hope is lost, the man up there called God, is always available to console you. You've won the competition, go into your room, and thank Him in prayers. Let these tears, be your strength. He advised. I stared deep into his face in tears, and walked away. I managed to buy a Sim card to call Agyei. Hello Agyei, guess who is speaking. I talked in a disguised voice. Who are you? Please talk fast, I'm in the middle of something. He responded. What something can't wait for you to talk to your old time beautiful friend? I teased. Well madam beauty, I am in the middle of selling charcoal in the market to cater for the world's most beautiful lady, who happens to be my fiancee. Now, if you don't mind, I will like to concentrate on what I am doing. He responded harshly and hanged up. I called him back severally, but he refused to answer. I sent him SMS telling him I was the one. "Agyei please answer my call, this is Kukua. I have a phone now. I won a quiz award on campus." It is not true! The Kukua I know doesn't have money to buy call credit, so she wouldn't waste her time competing for a mobile phone. He texted back. I did my best to convince him, but to no avail. There was also no money to buy another SIM card, so I kept the phone in my bag and decided to show it to Agyei when we vacate.

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