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Friday, 10 August 2018


Agyei, I can't wait for that day when we will gain admission into the training school. I will be the most happiest woman on earth. I happily exclaimed. That day will soon be here my love. We've prayed enough, and what is left is to look up to God for an answer. Agyei responded. Anytime you talk like this, I fall in love with you over and over again. I love your Godliness and patience. I complimented. Kukua, why do you always make me feel like the world revolves around me? Agyei shyly asked. Indeed the world revolves around you. Ever since I lost my father, you've been there to occupy that vacuum left. You simply don't know how my mother and I cherish you. You are our lost but found treasure. I responded happily. Kukua, it's time for supper, join me in the kitchen. Mummy called. Kukua, I will like to take my leave then, I will see you some other time. Agyei stated and stood up to leave. No Agyei, you can't leave. We are preparing this supper because of you. My mother stated. We both hurried to the kitchen to prepare yam and garden eggs stew. Agyei, it's unfortunate we couldn't prepare rice or something better for you. I wish we could, but my current financial position didn't permit me, please forgive our poor background. Mummy explained with teary eyes. No mummy, you don't have to do this. I ain't from a rich background either. My mother is a food vendor, and my father is a shop keeper. We are in the same social class with you. Agyei responded. No Agyei, we are not in the same class. I only sell charcoal, and even with that, I don't have my own capital. People give me the goods on credit. Mummy explained sadly. Before I knew it, tears started spewing from my eyes. Mother please stop it! Why are you weeping when you are supposed to be eating? I have vowed to make you smile someday and I will make sure it comes to pass. If all hope is lost, remember you have me, your only child. I consoled in tears. After minutes of shedding tears, Agyei convinced us to eat. We did that reluctantly. Minutes afterwards, he asked permission to leave and I requested to escort him. Kukua, I am sorry for the pain and stress you and your mother are going through, but I promise you that, everything will be fine. I will forever be by your side. Agyei promised. Agyei, anytime I talk about school, I talk with faith, honestly, I don't know how I am going to pay the fees. I responded sadly. My love, God will provide, just have faith in him. Agyei responded softly and hugged me so tight. Months later, mother informed me of going to the bush to get some charcoal for sale. Kukua, please do well to sell the remaining bags. I am doing everything humanly possible to gather enough money to see you through school next year. Mummy stated and walked away. I carried two bags of charcoal on my head and headed to the market to sell. After an hour walk through the market, a gentleman called me. Kukua, where is your mother today? He asked. My mother has gone to the bush to get more goods for sale next market day. Please is there any problem? I asked. There isn't any problem at all beautiful, my only problem is when I see you stressing like this to survive. Kukua, what if I want to make you my wife? What if I take your burden away from you? He proposed. What did you say your name is again? I asked. Call me Edem. He responded. Edem, if you want to help me, you can go ahead without necessarily making me your wife. Marriage shouldn't be based on reasons. I responded. Kukua, I am not marrying you because of the help I can offer, I am marrying you because of the love I have developed for you over months now, and you know what that means. Being my wife automatically makes me your burden shareholder. He explained. Edem I am sorry, I'm not interested in you. I have to start going now, I have carried these bags of charcoal for several minutes now, and I must get a buyer for it. I responded and began walking away. Wait Kukua, how much are the two bags? He asked. Sixty cedis. I responded tiredly. I am buying them. He stated and took the two bags of charcoal from my head. Thank you so much Edem, I have to run back home to prepare something for my mother. See you some other time. I stated hastily. Alright Kukua, please don't forget to think through my proposal. He responded. Later in the evening after supper, when I was eagerly waiting for my mother, someone came to call me from the house. Kukua, you are urgently needed at Agyei's house. His parents asked me to call you. The messenger said. What is it? What has happened to my Agyei? I thought in fear as I attended to the call.

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