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Friday, 10 August 2018


I was privileged to have a discussion with some Educators last week. The gathering was set to look into the factors constituting to students low academic performances.
As we considered Teacher’s Factor as one of the cause, one of the wayout was stated as thus,

Things change every day. What was new yesterday is no longer a new thing today, and what is rated highly today becomes obsolete tomorrow.
In this regard, one who expects a new and different outcome must consider a new method over old ways of doing things.
Knowledge of the previous centuries may still be effective but will not be able to produce more effective outcome if not restructured.
What you did last week, if you wish to do it this week, I must let you know the same result will be given out if it is carried out with the same method you used last week.
Also, if you once tried and you failed. I must let you know that success is very certain if you can consider a new way to act.
Think out of the box, think big and think positive. Put off the old method, old thinking and old philo. Through these, your success is undoubted.
I wish you a happy day and fruitful ones ahead.

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