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Friday, 20 July 2018

World Cup 2018: Lessons learned for my Online Business

Since I became an Entrepreneur, I find myself drawing lessons from everything that happens around me. The 2018 World Cup games was one of such occasions. Here are some of the lessons I took from the games I watched, that I have started applying to my online business.


Remember the match between Denmark and Croatia in the round of 16? Denmark scored a goal in the first 2 minutes while their opponents were still trying to settle in. Infact the Croatian term was just settling in and were shocked by such a quick goal.
In business, never forget your competitors are in business to win. It is good to focus on your strength and competitive advantage but also find the weakness in your competitor and take advantages of it.


Recall the match between Russia and Spain, specifically in the second half and extra time? The Russian players kept signaling to the fans to make loud cheers. At a point, the noise from the cheers of the Russian fans took over the stadium. You would think the Russians had won! That game ended in penalty kicks and I believe those cheers intimidated the Spanish side.
Now, how does this apply to business? We are in the social media age! I am now learning that those who make the loudest noise, and start making noise about your business. Be like the Russian team and act like you are winning. As for me, I am going to become a chief ‘noisemaker’ about my business.


In the same match between Croatia and Denmark, Luka Modric missed a penalty during normal time.  It was shock. I was even more shocked when the same Modric came to play another penalty. This time he scored a sweet goal and we all forget the previous loss. That taught me a lesson- if you fail, try again. Comfort your fears; for this time you may win.


The match between japan and Belgium was a painful one for me. Why? I am a supporter of the underdogs and it would have been the first time japan got through to the quarter final if they had won the match. And they almost won. Japan came into the second half and scored two goals within 5 minutes. The Japanese team was on fire and leading by two goals. Then, I think the Japanese side got carried away and relaxed. With less than 22 minutes to the end of the match, Belgium scored 3 goals and sent japan home.  It was a painful loss for the Japanese side. Infact, e pain me for them!

From this match, I learnt not to rest on my oars even when my business is yielding returns. I must consistently seek new ways to improve my services and grow my business. Remember Nokia? There was a time they had a large share of mobile phone market. Today, Nokia is struggling in the same market. Don’t be like Nokia. Don’t rest on your oars, keep innovating or your business may not survive.
In conclusion, most of the lessons came from matches that involved the Croatian team. I learnt a lot from this team. They were underdogs during the World Cup qualifiers but came to the World Cup games and unsettled football giants like Argentina. This is why I wanted Croatia to win.

If there’s one thing I am taking away from the 2018 World Cup games, it is this- ‘The game belongs to anyone who seizes the opportunity.’
Even underdogs can get to the World Cup Final.

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