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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Cross EP01


(A bright night in the land of torshin)
Owen: We had a great time today, what a great scent of food..
Sandra: I had prepared your favourite, you would love it…
Owen: And how is my little prince doing..
Sandra: The prince is doing well he is getting stronger everyday.
Owen: Hello little prince. You are getting stronger everyday.
(Suddenly the minister of defence Ryan came in hurriedly..)
Ryan: My lord they are here again they are here again!!!!!!!!!!
Owen: Who?
Ryan: Mane and his men!!!!!!!!!!! And this time it is a more bigger war they have come prepared since they know Astandara is dead. We have nothing to stop them this time since we have no Socererlord.
Owen: oh no... Sandra ok look at me, be strong don’t be terrified. Take the baby and run as fast as you can to the forbidden forest, don’t be worried nothing will happen to you as long as the royal chain is around your neck. Give the child to Astandara and tell him to help me protect the prince of Torshin. Go Sandra Go!!!!
Sandra: What about you?
Owen: I have to protect my people.. Go!!!!!
Sandra: But the baby is only four months old. How will he survive?
Owen: My love, you will have to stay with Astandara in the forest. I trust him he is the greatest socerer in the nation you will surely survive. Please go and don’t come back looking for me.
(Sandra and the four days old baby left torshin through a secret tunnel leading to the land of the dead..)
(Sandra got to a deserted house in the forest where different creatures were hollowing)
Sandra: The great Astandara.. its me Sandra the wife of the great king of torshin.
(An old man with beards of white threads came out of a deserted room in the house)
Astandara: What is the problem?
Sandra: Great Astandara Malikos is upon us again this time its likely they overcome us without you supporting us…. So I plead, this is the prince of torshin in my hands I gave birth to him only four months ago.. please help me take care of him…
Astandara: Oh, little prince.
Sandra: {Brings out the cross chain} Owen also said this should be given to him it’s the sign of royalty everywhere he goes.
Astandara: Okay, I will take care of the prince.. What about you the queen..
Sandra: I will go back to torshin and also fight for my town. I cant leave my land in trouble.
Astandara: Women don’t fight in torshin, stay here with your son and keep him safe.
Sandra: No I have to go. Please take good care of the baby our paths might cross again.
(She turns back and ran away)
Astandara: Wait Wait Wait!!!!!!… poor woman, he didn't even tell me the baby's name. (Sees the cross chain) well since the only gift your dad gave you is a cross chain. Then you will be called Cross.
(Baby starts crying)
(Back in torshin)
Mane: Well, well, well. We have the great king of Torshin kneeling here in front of us, the great knights of Torshin also under seige. What a shame. Do you guys think you have the ability to defeat any town in this nation without Astandara.? Torshin is the smallest town in the nation. But because you have the greatest Socererlord it made it impossible for the greatest town in the nation to hold you captive. Thanks the greatest Socererlord is dead. Astandara is dead. All hope is lost. {Laughs out loud}
Knights of Malikos: (Cheers)
Mane: So you all depend on the greatest socerer lord in the nation Astandara… Now that he is dead you are all doomed.. Get me their king.
( Knight brings Owen)
Owen: {Laughs} Mane you will never leave this world without regretting this!!!!. Watch your back, he is after you.
Mane: Oh, you make me shiver am so afraid {Laughs again} Who will come after me? You? Hell no!!!!! Astandara? Oh he is no more what a pity. We all know Astandara is the only socerer in the nation all other towns are afraid of, now that he is dead without having a son or a daughter. It means Astandara have no omega. And if the Socererlord of Torshin is dead and dosent bear a son or daughter to pass the powers to, then automatically the power is passed to the second greatest Socererlord in the nation, and that is the Socerelord of Malikos and guess what. That is me!!!!!!!. So right now I am the greatest Socerer in the nation!!!!
Owen: Greatest my foot!!!!!!!. You are no better than a Dog Mane.
Mane: {Slaps him hard} You don’t talk to me like that. I rule the biggest town in this nation, you rule the smallest. The difference is clear.
Owen: (Spits on his face) To hell with you.
Mane: (Angry) Get me my sword!!!!!!!
(Knight hands over the sword)
Mane: You thought I will leave you to live so you can come after me as said earlier. Well you are wrong, I will end everything right here.
Owen: Kill me, I will rather die than live under you.
Mane: So be it!!!!!!! ( About to stab Owen)
(An arrow hits one of Mane’s men)
Mane: Who did that? (Looks around)
(Arrow hits the second knight)
Mane: (Sights Sandra at the top of the building) There she is!!!!! Get her!!!!!..
(Sandra kills a couple of knights but was later caught and brought to Mane)
Mane: What a brave woman. You had the chance of escaping, but you stood by your husband and never forgot your land. I love that.
Owen: (Faced Sandra) I told you not to come back!!!!
Sandra: I cant leave you.
Mane: Hey, enough love tales. I have an idea. I had an intention of killing Owen, because he spat on my face. Here is another brave woman who killed nine of my Knights. I wanted the greatest punishment for you Owen. But it seems you are ready for death. Why don’t I let you live. And slaughter your dear brave wife, right in front of you.
Owen: (Sobbing) No Mane don’t do this I beg you don’t.
Mane: Wow!!! I said it, that will be a very good idea. I got the greatest punishment for you at last.
Sandra: He is coming for you. Kill me I will die for Torshin.
Mane: Oh, Mrs Brave. I will surely kill you don’t be in such a hurry. I am not killing you because of you. I am doing this because of Owen. You are unlucky to be his greatest punishment.
(Brings out his sword and slits Sandra's throat)
Owen: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sobbing) Mane you will pay for this you will pay!!!!!!!!!!! Kill me kill me I have no reason to live please kill me!!!!!!!! (Holds Sandra's corpse tight sobbing)
(The whole crowd watching all started chanting “Long live Torshin”)
Mane: Will you all keep shut? The knight standing beside me is Lt. Cole he will be in charge of Torshin as from today. It is official Torshin is now under the control of Malikos, you eat when we want you to eat you drink when we want you to. No questions no idea or you die!!!!!!!
Man from the crowd: I will rather die than bow to your orders.
Mane: Kill that man!!!!
(Man beheaded right in front of everyone)
Mane: That's a lesson for you all. Any other person want to talk while I speak? Who wants to die next!.
(Owen was thrown into the underground prison with his knights)
( Years passed by and cross is becoming a boy)
Astandara: Cross!!!!!! Cross!!!
Cross: Father!!
Astandara: Where were you?
Cross: I went to feed hasser (One of the creatures in the land of dead)
Astandara: Brave kid… you are just 8 and you are as brave as your father..
Cross: My father? But you are my father.
Astandara: That’s what am saying you are as brave as me.
( The necklace on Cross chest makes him very bold and brave… he learns many things from Astandara and sometimes goes to a nearby city called Wallnock to get food when they are out of food in the forest)
(19 years past)
Astandara: Cross now that you have known all the terms of socerey, you still need a scroll.. this scroll opens the cave of the kanima.. which the king of Malikos have been looking for since the day he became king..
Cross: I don’t understand, so after studying all the books of socery in the nation I still have to look for a scroll that will unlock the kanima… why is the kanima so important…
Astandara: I think its time to reveal the truth…..I am not your father.. You were brought to me when you were four months old, I brought you up with magic, King Mane!! The king of Malikos killed your parent. He did all he could to kill me, but I was the greatest in the nation it was not an easy task for him.
Cross: What are you doing here then? You should have fought against Mane till the last, don’t tell me you are coward you betrayed Torshin.
Astandara: Astandara is a very great man everyone knows he can never do such. I was invited as usual to the Armanda festival that used to be done every year in Wallnock. As the greatest Socererlord in the nation my attendance is very vital. I ate and dined with other kings including Mane. He looked so innocent not knowing he was a devil. We ate together and I was the only one poisoned. Morghdad the king of Wallnock was so nice. He immediately took me in the health care but before getting there I died.
Cross: I am not understanding, you died?
Astandara: Yea I really died!!!!! My dead body was brought to Torshin, Now Mane witnessed it that I had died. Owen your father brought me in the inner room. He searched my room and saw a scroll where I wrote how to revive a socererlord before 7days. Owen took it up, most thought it wasn’t possible. On the sixth day I came back to life. But the sad thing is I lost my Socery powers, due to the sacrifices that were made during the process of bringing me back to life. That was why I ran away from the city because I am no match for Mane anymore.
Cross: You taught me that if a socererlord’s power is off him then the most powerful socerer after him will be the socererlord that has power most according to pecking order. Then Mane is the greatest Socererlord of the nation. Since Malikos sorcererlord is the greatest after Torshin Sorcererlord.
Astandara: (Laughs) You forgot something, you forgot to add if the Sorcererlord of Torshin doesn't have an Omega.
Cross: You have a child? (Surprised)
Astandara: That very day I got poisoned, we drank a lot that I got drunk that night, I was out of control but still very dangerous to attack. I had something with a servant on that day her name is Sylvia. She is a maid in the palace. We had it very hot, due to my drunk state. Later the news got to me that she got pregnant and gave birth to a girl. I named her Vera
Cross: How did the news get to you?
Astandara: The maid wrote a letter to your father, she is the only one that knew I was alive and your parent. We talked through letter via your father, but now its been a long time since your dad is no more available.
Cross: (Breathes Heavily) Mane poisoned you, I am sure the chief chef of wallnock will know about this why is it that only your food was poisoned.
Astandara: Go to wallnock that’s where my daughter Vera is staying… she is my omega, and after I die she will be the greatest socerer in the nation.. I will soon join my fathers I am old already so go there and meet her, let her make you her omega because a female can't collect the kanima’s ring…
Cross: King Mane!!!! I do hear about him anytime I go to wallnock to get food…. So he killed my father and put you here?? He will pay for this!!!!!!!!!!
Astandara: Just go and revive your city again the greatest socerer in the Nation is from the smallest town in the nation “TORSHIN”…Go and revive your town… Go to wallnock and meet vera..
Cross: Yes father!!!!!!
Astandara: The royal chain around your neck will scare away any demon or creature that comes your way. Always put this on, If any demon or god sees this with you it will scare it and run away….
Cross: Yes father….
( Cross being a bold boy walks through the land of the dead with no fear despite seeing many creatures… He is already used to it. The royal chain across his neck repells all creatures from him)
(Cross enters Wallnock and takes a deep breath)
Cross: Hello Wallnock!!!!!

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