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Friday, 6 July 2018

Must Read: My Adventures with Sugar mummy (18+) Part 3

Part 3

I had to apologize and narrate the reason for the delay in reply…

Ok, so as I was saying I asked you to send a pics but you didn’t respond well, I have checked your profile pics and you are not bad..

Thanks….I replied….

So is it only sugar mummies you do or sugar daddy….


Even if na MD dangote company I dey apply for questions no suppose reach this one am a male bros….

I know, u know some men too….

Am not interested in men….


We discussed the main thing which is the money and he confirmed it's nothing less than 100k and no commission to be collected by him….

Seems like a good deal?

He further added that it was for Kwara based guys alone and I accepted reminding him I had earlier seen it in his post…

He told me he will get back to me if the woman chooses me out of the over 60 boys that applied and advised me to go and start praying….

60 boys…..Me wey I just be average guy…..With all this pictures wey I snap with my 1mp camera? …. I believe in a miracle working God sha….

I went to sleep and included finding favour in the eyes of sugar mummy as my key prayer…God, please don’t let this one flop again jah…baba, please pick up my call….

I messaged the guy, the next day no reply, 2 days, no reply….

I already lost hope that better guys have gotten the job not until the third days and told me I am the chosen one….he also stated how he was shocked to see the woman had picked me and even tried to suggest someone better, but the woman said it's sha me she want….

‘omo u get luck oo, sabi wetin some people do to get this slot? Some pay me money, some even send d**ck pics say he go ginger the woman but e no work’ the guy narrated to me…

“guy, u get luck oo, na one of the biggest fish for town you carry oo….. Better hook am well make you chop her money..

I thanked the middle man and promised to give him a tip which he rejected with the excuse that he had been paid…

I asked if I could introduce my friends to him and he warned seriously that I should not and those interested would have seen the post and contacted… All this while, we never talked on phone and I didn’t see any of his picture as his fb dp was a rolls Royce car which he claims belongs to him….

He told me the hotel address and told me my service is going to be for two days…
I demanded to see the picture of the woman am going to lubricate but he refused, saying when I get there, I would see for myself……

Infact make she wowo, be 99 yrs old with no teeth or even slim with no endowments, with this level wey I dey, he no consign me…

My only fear na make she no fat or be ritualist…….With mr omo iko out of the way, in 2 days time, I will be meeting with my first sugar mummy……I surrender all to you oh God….

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