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Friday, 6 July 2018

Must Read: My Adventures with Sugar mummy (18+) Part 2

Part 2

Immediately and without further ado, I messaged him, as he was online at the moment..



Please am interested ….

Interested in what? He asked

Interested in water and garri ni…. I said it in my mind…

Interested in the offer of sugar mummy stuff….

Oh ok, are you are a sugarboy? He asked again…

Oh oh…What is it with all these questions…Link me if you go link me…abi? Sugarboy ko, emperor geezfish ni….

Yes…. I sha replied bebe…

Ok…you have to……

Before I could the remaining message he sent, my battery just died gbim… The techno battery I do use to tie the phone at times slip off…. And there is no light now….Till midnight wen the masses go don sleep..

The costant source of light around the hood was the church and thank God, evening service sef they today….

I rushed my charger and phone and zoomed off to the church premises……….

I walked 23 kilometers to the Church and was welcomed by the sisters who regareded me as a lost sheep who has traced his steps….

Brother boo, thank the heavens, where av you been?

I sha find one excuse give am and she sha smile one kind smile….Na she know if she like make she think say I dey lie.

Service has not started no sister blessing? I asked the service leader…

Yes brother boo, brother theophilus just took bro Matthew and  bro barthelomew with bro nicodemus car to go and buy fuel at bro nebudcanezzar ‘s station….
Lets be patient… in the book of…

Eh hu… I just asked when service will start na him dem carry sermon give me…. Can't wait to get out of this place.

Immediately den come back, na him I find better spot charge my tecno N1….All through out the service when people dey sing, some dey dance enter trance and some dey fall down, me I just dey back dey observe if the phone dey charge…

At one point, pastor Edward dey look me one kind and threw various subliminal jabs at me, through the message he gave, me I no send him papa potbelly….  
Immediately my phone full like this….wen I see say e don enter 100 percent even through my service no finish… na him I comot…

As I was going on the way, na him so people distribute crusade stuff give me…..Theme: Forget the shortcut…..

As I see say dem do go, na him I tear the thing….Forget the shortcut kor, forget the desktop folder ni…

I trekked back to my house only to meet light… I con dey question myself why I carry body go church…

Me I no know say e get something wey God wan make I grab from the message and crusade card I collected that day.

Dog wey go lost, go kuku deaf to hunter whistle.. I got home to check the chat, only to see like 10 messages from this dude….

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