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Friday, 6 July 2018

Must Read: My Adventures with Sugar mummy (18+) Part 1

Part 1

Ku ku ku ku (drum rolls)

Food no dey…Brodaeh water no dey and our country no good oo, every day for thief, one day for owner oo, rich man wey steal money, omo dem no see their face for crime…poor man wey steal maggi. Omo dey go show him face for…

Mr president……

This African china (where the guy dey naw sef) song best describe the kind situation wey I find myself for this country….

This life of garri and rice everyday don tire me…. No food, no clothe, no nothing, only me, dija boobs and my Vaseline to comfort my in this clothes of hard times and nonsense change.

Sometimes I do wake up from sleep that I am sleeping in the middle of the night, Unclad and sob bitterly about my condition as it pain me from the heart and I do reason, hope witches in my village are not fanning themselves with my picture…

Nothing wey I no do to meet up… I play bet, play bet, collect bet numbers from mad man, play aja nsare e no work….Na one….one game go dey spoil slip.

I try yahoo yahoo, my laptop first spoil, maga no gree pay…Oyinbo go dey post me say next week I will pay….Even Indian wey I try scope dey yarn Don’t worry mr presidential aide, we would buy you the oil reserve….you are gotta be very very patient with us”

I do menial works and the rest….All seem fruitless…

I try music, producer chase me comot studio……Football nko, I buy goya oil, do anointing pray, fast, go night vigil. Na so so come and be teaching nursery two pupils job then dey offer me…

So when I saw that Facebook post that fateful day, urging young and cute guys who are looking forward to lubricate the engine of sugar mummies with a remuneration of 100k and above, I no need any T.B. Joshua or even bother to give it a second thought before making the move.


Ase na move wey go turn my life around I go make….

I logged in to my Facebook acct…Boo haryourmidey Osin through 0 facebook . com and free basics that palm oil devoured with the day before yesterday EBA.

As I surfed, I tried my best to avoid all this “ like for Jesus or die of thunder strike, click share for amen and if you ignore, u are for the devil or such will happen to you posts….

I lost hope of humanity when I was scrolling my TL and it was bombarded with thank you for accepting my friend request and lemme take u to shoprite messages from all this stupid guys who went as far as placing the rubbish messages on the intended girl timeline where anyone can view it.

What is happing to the world bayi?

I decided to kukuma log out almost 5 mins after logging in after I saw a disheartening post of a young girl who posted ‘licking icecream’ and she got 300 comments, 101 likes and 56 shares in 30 minutes.

Just like that?

Meanwhile my own post about to make millions from forex trade which I do post like 6 times in a day has gather only 2 likes, one like fromme and one like from one indian man on my list who just added me from nowhere….even my pictures that I will tag almost 60 people, na miracle if I get 8 likes

I was logging out in frustration when I scrolled up and noticed a post from one user who called himself “kingzlee omo iko…..

“sugar mummies looking for young sugar boys and ready to pay  them 100k….”
Blood of zechariah

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