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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Must Read: My Adventures with Sugar mummy (18+) Part 9 (Final Part)

Part 9(Final Part)

AWAY match
I woke up the next day with a strong headache…. I was still confused about what really happened yester night…
I looked to my left, the sugar mommy was gone….., na only the candles and koboko remain for ground…….haa….as a typical African man, the first thing wey I check na my d**k…. I feel the thing see say e still day intact….Tor……Glory be to God….
I checked all my body for any mark or occult tattoos, check my nails and everything. I see say everything intact….
Where angelina come go? Shey I later see am flog like this?
I searched the bathroom, under the bed and the wardrobe, I no see am…. Perphaps I flogged her too much yesterday that I passed out and she went out to rest….abi we do the main the main thing ni?....
I check table I no see any note or paper to suggest she might av left…. The only thing was the bottle of origin I drank yesterday night….
She must be at the bar chilling or resting….make I go collect my 200k jare….. But wait her bags and the rest no dey here e no mean…e go dey downstairs…. At least I know she no be ritualist…..
I put shirt ooo, and trouser and headed downstairs to collect my 200k when I saw two male staffs of the hotel walking towards me… that him…. The first one asked the second one…..
Yes sir…..Thats him…..
All MY GBEDU is final
Well done sir…they greeted me…
I responded….
We were just coming to your room sir…
Ok…I asked still confused about the whole ish….
Madam has directed us to you….your bill is 650 thousand naira sir….
Hahahaha…. I busted into a serious laughter…. I don’t think it's me sir…. Maybe u should check the other room…
Are you not boo osin?
Yes I am….
You and your wife lodged here naw and she just left this morning telling us you guys had a scuffle so she is leaving earlier but you will offset the bill…. No it's not me se….Where is angelina…..Oga, do I look like someone that can marry that woman….
My voice don dey shake…..
Does iara resemble someone that can marry oshiomole….The first one said…. Or does stella resemble someone that would marry Obasanjo…..She told us you are her husband and there is evidence….
I rushed down to the bar escorted by the hotel officials, looked everywhere around the hotel, angelina was nowhere to be found………….

It was then everything became clear to me….
Angelina 1, boo osin 0….
I asked for the evidence only to discover that angelina had used my picture and details to book the hotel right after she contacted me with that kingzlee account….
She was the one that created the account and there was no middle man…. Immediately, I showed interest in the sugar mommy stuff, she used my name to book the hotel she will be stayin…. I was also presented with a paper which stated that I will be responsible for her hotel bills which I signed…. It was during that period when she was whipping me, I sha remember she brought one paper and told me to sign that she would reduce my beatings….
Me wey candle wax and lashed don destroy him back, I no even reason wetin dey the paper when she untie two of my fingers wey I use sign am…. The beating be don distort my brain….
I checked the omo iko acct only to see it had been deactivated…..checking my screenshorts later on, I discovered the acct was just created a day before she made the post….
Probably she was just in town for a meeting or something….and needed one mugu to pay her bills and feeding, which she saw in me…..
Fb acct deactivated, no contact, no number, not even her name as am sure that angelina name is fake….just her face……And Nigeria never advance reach fingerprint ID and shi…. Even if we get, no be money I go use do that one….
What of the 100k she give me? Na God no allow me spend that one faa…e go don be another offence
 ….Fake notes….
So after beating, whipping and candle waxing me,,,denied me access to her pussy, gave me fake 100k, made me look like her husband and set me up….
She incurred a bill of 650k taking Hennessey, cigar, the most expensive meals, massage, spa and laundry and me that I was peed on, flogged and didn’t even taste the pussy will be made to pay for it…..all my attempts to inform the hotel sey dem don scam me… proved abortive as they said it's none of their  business….
And that was how signed a two year contract with the hotel as their official gardener in order to pay back my debts….
I reported the matter to efcc and when they learnt that I thought she was a sugar mommy, they smiled and said they are working on it….maybe they would catch her tomorrow I don’t know….
The only thing I know they did was they arrested the man in charge of the security camera…..from the time she entered till she left, all the scenes where her face appeared suddenly went missing….
After a long brawl…the man was sha sacked and left to go free with the excuse that it was a mechanical fault, but me I know it either she paid the man or whipped him too
I messaged mark zuberkerg or  something to help me activate omo iko acct back, e no gree…I message am over 200 times….e no reply….after I try block am see say u no fit block the guy, I deactivated my facebook acct….
I wrote a referral letter in school for a year do as to focus on raising money to pay my debt and had an extra year because of Angelina….
I was just praying for a chance to revenge and teach her a lesson……
So you can imagine my joy….when 2 years later…..a friend of mine, Kisschris, who knew about my ordeal messaged me and told me he saw a similar message about sugar mummy from a facebook acct….
The username was Tola omo iko…. I  checked the post and everything….it was exactly the same style and way of Angelina….and from there, I decided it was time to have my own pound of flesh…..

The END………………..

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