Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and Chorusman
:. 08121297467 and 09038676998

 Episode 1
“Frank, you can’t do this to me, you just can’t.” Benita pleaded on her knees.
“I’m sorry Benita…” Frank riposted without looking at her.
“Frank, please don’t do this, please… don’t put me to shame…” Benita pleaded with tears in her eyes.
“Benita, try to understand me, I said I’m in love with another woman and I would like to spend the rest of my life with her.” Frank frankly explained.
“Please, don’t do this to me.” Benita continued pleaded with tears in her eyes.
“Benita, I think I have to leave now, and please don’t call my number again.” Frank replied as he slammed the door behind himself.
“God, the man I love doesn’t show me love, the man I care for dumped me… is this the end of our love life? Can I ever love again?” Benita cried softly.
“After seven years of courtship.” She continued. “Frank dumped me for another woman. So it is true that men don’t live a reasonable life, this is my first love and my first heartbreak, is this how everything will end?” She mewled softly.
“Can I ever love again? I don’t think so.” She questioned and she equally answered her rhetorical question.
“Yes, who’s that?” Benita asked cleaning her face with a handkerchief.
“It’s me Becky.” A knocker replied from outside.
“Oh Becky, please come in, the door not lock.” Benita replied forcing a smile as the door opened slowly.
“Good morning Benita.” Becky greeted with smile all over her face.
“Good morning Becky, you’re looking stunning.” Benita replied with a heavy heart.
“Thank you, where is Anita?” Becky observed that Anita wasn’t in the hostel.
“As usual, she went to club and she is not yet back.” Benita replied forcing a smile.
“You’re not looking happy and you’re moody, what’s wrong?” Becky observed looking at Benita’s face.
“I just woke up and I was very tired, you know I am the lazy type.” Benita replied jokingly.
“Oh, I see.” Becky concluded.
“I have great news for you, so guess.” Becky said smiling.
“You know I can’t guess, I am not good at guessing… that’s why I don’t gamble.” Benita replied using a forcefully smile to shed her moody face.
“I know you can’t guess right, anyway… my boyfriend proposed to me yesterday and I am now engaged.” Becky replied showing the ring on her index finger.
“Oh my God, I am really happy for you.” Benita replied expressing her happiness for Becky.
“Thank you darling.” Becky appreciated smiling.
“I know you must have been dating each other a very long time ago, right?” Benita indirectly asked.
“Hmmm… I met my prince charming barely two month ago and things work out well with us and he proposed to me yesterday night and I accept.” Becky replied smiling.
“Oh, that’s great but isn’t that sound ridiculous, that you court for just eight weeks and he proposed marriage to you. Hope that guy is not a gold-digger.” Benita observed.
“I also think so, but I don’t think he is a gold digger, because he also came from a rich and prominent family and he us financially okay, he is equally well behave and I am madly in love with him.” Becky replied looking eyes in eyes with me.
“Oh, my friend is drunk of love… I go love o.” Benita uttered with demonstration.
“Hope that guy is cute?” Benita asked jokingly.
“Sure, don’t you trust me?” Becky replied smiling.
“Okay, can I see the lucky guy bless with a damsel like my friend?” Benita jokingly asked.
“Sure… We snapped a lot of pictures together.” Becky replied and she brought out her phone inside her purse.
“Here is he.” Becky replied and she gave her phone to Benita.
“Oh…oh… my…God…” Benita stammered, she couldn’t believe her eyes of what she was seeing. She opted for her medicated glass and she wore it.
“I can’t believe this.” Benita voiced out surprisingly.
“He is cute, right?” Becky asked while brushing his artificial hair.
“So Frank proposed to you?” Benita voiced out serenely.
“You know him?” Becky asked dropping the brush she was holding and she was equally puzzled.
“Yes, he is my boyfriend and…” Benita replied with a shaky voice, fixing her gazes at the picture.
“What?” Becky screamed as she sluggishly got on her feet.


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