Wednesday, 25 July 2018


:. Written by: Olamilekan Afolabi and Chorusman
:. 08121297467 and 09038676998

 Episode 4
She climbed on the mattress romantically, and she clasped on Chorus’s loving arm and her insistent touch, almost a caress that demanded his attention woke him from paradise and she spoken into his ear gently.
“Chorus, I want you here.” Anita whispered into his ear as she gently unhooked his belt.
“What a temptation!” Chorus thought as the action was going on. 
Chorus gently undressed Anita who was totally irresistible and enticing. Those irresistible huge twins on her chest were let out of their cage by Chorus. They were really big and succulent. Her nipples has erect as Chorus suck from her big b—bs and he was exchanging it for each other. ‘aaaarrrhhh’ Anita moan softly. Just then Chorus changed position and they were really ready for the main action just then someone barged into the room without knocking. Behold it was Becky.
“Ah! Anita! Chorus! I can’t believe this.” Becky screamed uncontrollably as she ran out of the hostel in disbelief of what she saw.
“Becky! Becky!!” Chorus called sweating and confused.
“Chorus, let continue don’t mind her, she was just stunned, don’t worry I will sort it out.” Anita assured smiling.
“Hope you are not mad woman? We are caught in the act, and you still have the audacity to be saying trash.” Chorus blasted loudly.
“But Chorus, I am totally in the mood and I really want it rough and hard.” Anita begged with frown face but Chorus only hissed and walked out of the hostel angrily.
“Chorus! Chorus!!” Anita yelled angrily.
“Why is the guy doing this to me? There is nothing bad in what we are doing now. At least, ours wasn’t the first and it can’t be the last.” Anita elucidated as she tossed the pillow angrily.
“I just can’t believe this… so Chorus is also a player. I can’t believe he was about having s-x with Benita’s best friend; Anita. God what’s all this?” Becky spook softly totally puzzled and baffled. She was walking up and down her V.I.P hostel.
“Chorus claimed to love Benita wholeheartedly, that guy has been disturbing himself for over a year now, just for Benita to accept him. Or should I say that runz girl (Anita) seduced Chorus.” Becky thought rhetorically.
“No, that can’t be because Chorus was also ready for it.” Becky though confusingly.
“Let me call Benita.” Becky concluded as she picked up her phone. She dialed Benita’s number and it was picked after the second trial.
“Hello Benita.” Becky began.
“So you really want to tell her, right?” Anita asked suspiciously.
“Anita, please give the phone to the owner. I don’t have anything to discuss with you.” Becky lashed with frown face.
“The owner of this phone is in the hospital…” Anita replied but Becky restrained her from concluding her statement.
“What? Hospital?” Becky yelled loudly in disbelief.
“Yes, she has been in the hospital since yesterday.”Anita replied softly.
“What happened to her?” Becky asked shockingly.
“She was said to be suffering from kidney problem and kidney transplant must be done and a donor must be provided, else her predicament may claim her life.” Anita explicated.
“Kidney problem…. I can’t believe this.” Becky sighed dismayed.
“Are you in your hostel?” Becky asked.
“Yes, are you coming?” Anita replied and questioned.
“Yes, please wait for me; I will be there in a jiffy.” Becky replied as she hurrily changed her dress.
Becky slammed the door behind herself and she locked the door only to find Chorus waiting for her very close to her hostel.
“What are you doing here?” Becky asked with alarming voice.
“Becky, I know you are totally disappointed with what you saw but you totally thought wrong…” Chorus defended but unfinished.
“That means I am blind, right?” Becky riposted.
“It is not what you think…” Chorus begged but unfinished.
“Chorus, I don’t have your time now, Benita is in the hospital and I am heading there to check on her, so please maybe you should come back another time.” Becky concluded sorrowfully.
“Hospital? What is she doing there?” Chorus asked confusingly.
“Are you asking me?” Becky asked dejectedly.
“Please what is wrong with her?” Chorus asked beseechingly.
“She is suffering from kidney disease and she needed a donor. Please if you can’t help stop pestering with questions.” Becky clarified and she walked away angrily.
“Kidney disease? A donor?” Chorus sighted totally stunned. 


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