Wednesday, 25 July 2018


:. Written by: 
Olamilekan Afolabi and Chorusman
:. 08121297467 and 09038676998

 Episode 3
“She collapsed and she has been rushed to the hospital.” The caller replied with shaky voice.
“What!” Anita yelled…
“Okay, I am on my now.” Anita concluded as she ended the call thoughtlessly.
“What’s wrong?” Frank asked puzzled.
“Benita is in the hospital…” Anita replied impatiently but unfinished.
“Hospital? Are you going there now?” Frank asked surprisingly.
“Stop being childish, stay there and be asking me jamb question, if you know you can’t follow me to the hospital, can you kindly get out of here?” Anita replied with frown face and Frank sluggishly rose on his feet and he walked out of the hostel dejectedly.
“Men can be so wicked at times, he is very heartless and cold-blooded, imaging her girlfriend for that matter, I know he is such a playboy. Gold-digger!” Anita lamented and she slammed the door behind herself and the sound from the door echo loudly.
“Please, where is the Doctor’s office?” Anita asked the receptionist anxiously.
“You’re a fool. Even if I am not old enough to give birth to you as a child, at least I can have you as a junior sister. They don’t teach you how to greet at home, right?” The receptionist riposted angrily.
“I am sorry Aunty…” She replied beseechingly but unfinished.
“It is okay, that is the Doctor coming out of the ward.” The receptionist replied pointing at a young man, he has a stethoscope around his neck and he was in his lab coat.
“Good morning Doctor.” Anita greeted eagerly.
“Good morning Madam. Please how may I help you?” The doctor replied serenely. 
“My friend was rushed here few minutes ago…” Anita explained but unfinished.
“You mean Benita or something, right?” The Doctor asked doubtfully.
“Yes Benita.” Anita riposted impatiently.
“Please let go to my office.” The Doctor concluded and he led the way to his office.
“Doctor, how is her health now?” Anita asked with composure.
“Madam, if I say she is fine, I am totally lying to you…” The Doctor replied but Anita barged into his statement, restraining him from coming down with his statement.
“But Doctor, I was told that she just fainted and nothing more.” Anita explained confusingly.
“Yes, she collapsed but that was only a symptoms of what is wrong with her.” The Doctor replied and he shook his head in pity.
“Okay Doctor, what’s her predicament?” Anita asked confusingly.
“One of her kidneys is damaged and it has really affected the second one. She has only few days to live if we couldn’t find a donor and if a successful operation couldn’t be carried out…” The Doctor replied serenely but unfinished.
“What? Kidney problem?” Anita screamed loudly.
“Yes, that was the result from the test we carried out.” The Doctor replied softly and he placed a paper in front of Anita.
“I advice you let her parent know about this before it is too late.” The Doctor replied calmly.
“She is an orphan, her parent died few months ago and I know none of her family sir.” Anita riposted faintly.
“Orphan? Ah! I guess you’re her friend then, right?” The Doctor asked facing Anita.
“Yes, I am her roommate in school and her best friend sir.” Anita replied with a swollen eyes shook with tears.
“There is no way we can help expect you get a donor and the donor must be of the same genotype with her, and the donor two kidneys must be perfectly okay.” The Doctor concluded and he griped his stethoscope.
“Donor, where will I get a donor? Benita and I are of different blood group, she is O positive and I am AS, where will I get a donor?” Anita murmured serenely.
“Please, I have ward route now, can you leave my office?” The Doctor explained and requested but on his feet and Anita sluggishly rose on her feet as she shambled out of the office.
“Who’s there?” Anita asked from inside.
“It’s me Chorus.” Chorus replied from outside.
“I am coming o.” Anita replied and she hurrily put on a bumshot and a half singlet which is exposing part of her b—bs.
“Please, come in.” Anita approved and Chorus walked into the room sluggishly.
“Anita, how’re you?” Chorus greeted smiling.
“I’m good and you?” Anita responded playing with her hair.
“Fine please do I meet her?” Chorus asked impatiently.
“You mean Benita?” Anita asked childishly. 
“Who else if not her, you know I love that girl naw…” Chorus uttered but unfinished, Anita moved closer to Chorus seductively and she placed her left hand on his right shoulder.
“Chorus, look at me am I not good enough as a lady? I have tried many strategies and tactics but you failed to notice me. I have even talked to you with all part of my body but you don’t even notice me at all. Chorus, I love you and I want to have you as my boyfriend.” Anita elucidated and she pushed Chorus on her mattress. 
She climbed on the mattress romantically, and she clasped on Chorus’s loving arm and her insistent touch, almost a caress that demanded his attention woke him from paradise and she spoken into his ear gently.
“Chorus, I want you here.” Anita whispered into chorus ear and…


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