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Often you get caught up in a spur-of-the-moment impulse and agree to go out on a date with someone you just met. Sometimes you pity him – which is one of the worst possible reasons to go on a date. Or you were caught off-guard and couldn’t come up with a good reason to refuse. Or you were caught up in the mood of the evening and agreed to see him again.
But now that you’re actually with him, you’re wondering how this ever happened. And how you’re going to get through this insufferable date with this guy. Be vigilant and have your instincts on red alert. There are certain signs you can watch out for and certain personality types that can be detected. And if you don’t date this guy, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary grief.
Watch out for these guys and avoid them like the plague!

The bore
Once you’re in his exclusive company, you have to pinch yourself to keep awake. He drones on in a monotone that is more effective in inducing slumber than a sleeping pill! It is very difficult, when you are with him, to feign interest in the mundane details of his humdrum existence. But you may be one of those compassionate souls who is happy to let him go on, even if he is a crashing bore or worse, feel sorry for him and hate to break his heart.

The overconfident guy
You can spot this one a mile away. His macho swagger and brash demeanor speak volumes about him before you can even make his acquaintance. And if you can take a hint, you’re better off not dating this guy. While all women appreciate confidence, when it comes in overabundance it is a bit difficult to digest. Unless you are a really passive type yourself, who doesn’t mind all your decisions being made for you and are content to just go with the flow, steer clear of this guy.

The penny pincher
While you don’t want to be treated like the Queen of Sheeba, you would like to be given an occasional gift, not even an expensive one, or taken out to dinner. You might not even mind going Dutch, though probably not on the first date itself. But this guy redefines stingy. Not only does he not offer to pay, he doesn’t seem to mind if you foot the whole bill. He’s always scrimping and trying to get away with the cheapest forms of entertainment. Unless he has a lot of other redeeming qualities, and you’re rolling in money and don’t mind shelling out, being with this guy makes you think you’re going to have to file for bankruptcy soon!

The egotist
This guy should come with a warning label: Don’t date me. Women always say they like a guy to open up and talk about his feelings and not be reticent. But this guy takes things to other extreme. You would like to know more about the guy, but not all in one night! He is always so full of himself and doesn’t hesitate to show it. He’s either bragging about his wealth, successful career, past conquests or his flashy new car. He thinks he’s God’s gift to women and irresistible as well. He doesn’t seem to realize what a turnoff his pompous attitude is. If you’ve dealt with this d before and know to put them in their place, they can sometimes be fun to be around – once they learn to give you a chance to talk!

The aggressive guy
Ever met a guy who was so pushy and overbearing that you couldn’t wait to get away? This is the aggressive guy who bristles up at the slightest provocation, or sometimes, even without any. His belligerent attitude and violent temper make it very uncomfortable to be around him. Initially he might put on a happy, even-tempered front and treat you well. But if you watch closely and observe him, his behavior with others can give a strong indication about his temperament. He’s the one who totally loses his cool when the waiter hasn’t followed his instructions down to the minutest detail. Don’t date this guy, he’s trouble.

The lecherous guy
All women know this guy without having to get into detailed explanations about him. He’s the one who undresses you with his eyes, and it’s not in the nicest way. When you have this misfortune of talking to him, he can’t seem to get his eyes to stay on your face. You often find him talking on your chest and you get the undeniable urge to put your hands up in order to shield yourself from his piercing stare. If this guy ever had X-ray vision, God help all women.

The Wimpy guy
Ever heard of the classic mama’s boy who still needs his mother’s apron strings to feel securely anchored in life? He takes passiveness and indecisiveness to new heights. You’d like a guy who lets you make some of the decisions and ask for your opinion. But this guy wants you to make his decisions for him. He vacillates and procrastinates and leaves you wanting to shake him out of his inertia. But if you’re a take-charge kind and feel good being in the driver’s seat, this is the guy for you.

The Controlling guy
Have you ever been with a control freak? This guy has a plan and set ideas about everything. And make sure you’re not in the firing line if things don’t go his way. Everything and everyone must fall in line, and if you’re in his life, that definitely includes you. Watch out for him because he can turn your world upside down and that’s not in the nicest possible way. He is a creature of habit and will not make any concessions for your inability to conform to his expectations. This guy can also be very particular about punctuality, cleanliness and such other virtues. Which are all very good, but if you are five minutes late you will possibly spend the rest of your date apologizing. Don’t date this guy, unless you’re a certified expert in walking on eggshells, because that’s what you have to do when you’re with him.

The insecure guy
He lacks in basic self-esteem and the onus of coping with it falls on you. His insecurities are manifested in various ways. It could be suspicion at every move and closely questioning your motives. Or jealousy, if your career is going better than his or some man finds you attractive or even if he finds you giving some guy an appreciative glance. Or possessiveness if you’re not spending every waking moment with him. He’s clingy and needy and it leaves you drained, coping with his unending demands. Unless you can do a good job of helping him to sort himself out, don’t date this guy. He can be more trouble than he’s worth.

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