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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Broken Heart-Part3

She didn’t bring anything with her.
Just the clothes she’s wearing.
The closet was full of clothes that Edward bought for her.
There’s a box filled with jewelries that Edward bought for her.
She carefully took out every piece and laid them carefully on the vanity.
The jewelry box is the only item that she wants to keep as a remembrance of their time together.
It was a birthday gift from Edward.
She loved it because instead of the usual ballerina dancing solo, the one Edward gave her features a couple.
She touched the couple and carefully closed the lid.
She didn’t bother putting it in a bag or anything.
She just held it with her hand.
The other hand holding her purse.
She swept a look over the whole room.
Particularly the bed where she gave him herself for the first time.
It was after he gave her the jewelry box.
She looked away from the bed.
It held too many memories of their loving.
Actually, the whole room was filled with memories of them making love.
Even the terrace just outside her bedroom witnessed their love making.
There you go again using the word love.
It wasn’t!
At least on Edward’s part.
For she knows in her heart that she made love to him.
Hand on the doorknob, she gave the room one final glance.
With heavy steps she stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her.
She kept her glance to the door leading out of the condo.
She dare not glance at anywhere else because the truth is, the whole place is full of memories them making out in different parts of the condo.
The sofa, the floor of the living room, the kitchen, the dining table….they made out all over the place.
She couldn’t reach the door fast enough.
Once outside the condo she breathed a sign of relief.
She resisted the urge to look back.
She might not be able to leave if she does.
She took hurried steps towards the elevator and pushed the button for down.
She felt as if a hand was squeezing her heart while the doors of the elevator were closing.
Thank God she managed to get out of the elevator without breaking down.
She put the keys of the condo in the envelope and closed it.
She gave it to the woman in the lobby and told the woman to give it to Edward if he ever came by.
She got out of the building and with head held high she resolved to never look back.

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